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Don’t Forget the Feet!

If most people were asked to pick their favorite bodily features, their feet probably wouldn’t make the list. They’re there, they serve their purpose, and we tend not to think about them as we go about our day. The exception, of course, is if there’s something wrong....

3 Essential Foot Pain Topics to Discuss with Your Doctor

The best way to get effective foot care is to communicate openly with one of our BHP doctors about your discomfort. You may think the problem is too trivial to discuss and is a waste of an office visit, or you dread hearing the diagnosis, but we stress that it is...

Bringing the Dark Side of High Heels to Light

It doesn’t take a brilliant scientist to tell you that women love the way they look and feel while wearing high heels. Yet, it’s still interesting to learn that the aesthetic appeal of a woman in high heels goes well beyond societal or cultural traditions....
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