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Lap Band Surgery

In recent years, the lap band procedure has become an increasingly popular treatment for obese patients due to its minimally invasive and reversible nature. Of course, like any important procedure, lap band surgery should always be performed by expert surgeons in the weight loss field, such as those at Beverly Hills Physicians.

During lap band surgery, a gastric band is placed around the upper part of the stomach, creating a small pocket that fills up as you eat, sending a message to your brain that you have had your fill. Ultimately, the surgery leads a person to get full faster and feel queasy when they overeat, leading to healthier eating habits. As Beverly Hills Physicians patients lose weight rapidly, our skilled surgeons are able to adjust their gastric band to ensure comfort and the effectiveness of the procedure.


In addition, Beverly Hills Physicians will walk you through the recovery process and your weight loss journey. Where you go for lap band surgery really matters, especially when it comes to follow-up care. The medical team at Beverly Hills Physicians will closely monitor your habits regarding diet and exercise, as well as your emotional state, as you begin your journey and finally experience long-lasting weight loss. Finally, while most health United States health insurance plans now cover weight loss procedures, our consultants will also gladly provide assistance with issues relating to lap band surgery cost.

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More About the Lap Band

While the term “lap band” has entered the popular lexicon, it is a brand name for the highly acclaimed Lap-Band® AP System. Named for laparoscopic surgery, which uses a tiny camera to help perform operations, the lap band is a type of weight loss surgery that many patients find appealing because it is less invasive, while also being both adjustable and completely reversible. However, a lap band procedure, like any significant surgery, should only be performed by a highly experienced specialist such as those at Beverly Hills Physicians.

From a patient’s initial consultation to the end of the recovery period following lap band surgery, patients will learn to adjust to the lap band. As patients develop new habits and lose weight, your doctor will periodically adjust the band. At Beverly Hills Physicians, we are committed to providing complete care throughout the process of bariatric surgery and recovery, providing guidance on matters ranging from diet during the recovery period and after, to dealing with whatever costs arise from the surgery.

Alternatives to the Lap Band

While a great number of patients have been successful at losing weight with the Lap Band, several other baraitric procedures are available to patients based on their individual needs and health profile.


Sleeve Gastrectomy

The sleeve gastrectomy is another incredibly popular option for patients seeking weight loss surgery today. The procedure works by reduceuing the size of the stomach by about 80%, so that patients will become full and satisfied with a much lower amount of food. While it is not reversible like the Lap Band, gastric sleeve patients tend to lose weight at a faster rate than Lap Band patients.


Weight Loss Balloon

The weight loss balloon is the newest baraitric procedure, and is accomplished without any surgery at all! The procedure works by endoscopically inserting a small balloon like device into the stomach through the mouth. The balloon will then take up a portion of the stomach capacity, reducing the capacity for food, and therefore making the patient feel full while eating less. The balloon is also unique because it is available to patients with a slightly lower BMI than the surgical bariatric procedures.

Cost of Bariatric Surgery

Beverly Hills Physicians patients are often surprised to find that bariatric surgery cost is often largely covered by health coverage. Even so, levels of insurance coverage vary, as do co-pays and deductibles. When patients are insured, our consultants work with patients and their insurance companies to ensure that there are no surprises. If, for whatever reason, the out-of-pocket cost to the patient is going to present a problem, we do our best to work out a payment plan that can fit easily within any patient’s budget.

Your choice of Beverly Hills Physicians makes an important difference. If you are considering lap band surgery, your next step should be to request a free consultation. Our team is committed to ensuring the health and beauty goals are met by every one of our patients, so contact us today to begin your journey toward a happier, more fulfilling, and healthier life.

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