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Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal Rejuvenation in Beverly Hills

More and more women are taking advantage of vaginal rejuvenation surgeries through Beverly Hills Physicians, and the reasons they are taking advantage of these procedures are extremely varied. Although the procedures involved in rejuvenation may have an aesthetic component, that is rarely their only goal.

While many people assume that such issues as vaginal laxity are an inevitable result of the simple passage of time and must be accepted, the leading surgeons of BHP know that this is simply not the case. The condition can have a real and very negative impact on the quality of a woman’s life. With laxity, the vagina and related structures undergo significant relaxation and loss of tone. Without vaginoplasty, the situation can sometimes severely impact a woman’s ability to receive sexual gratification because of a loss of sexual sensation.  It might also impair her sexual confidence since she might believe that her ability to give sexual pleasure to her partner has been harmed. Laxity can also seriously impact women’s non-sexual quality of life as it may also result in incontinence or leakage. With this condition, women who are far from elderly may often find themselves urinating involuntarily when they are sneezing, lifting, bending, or laughing.

Labial reduction procedures are also often included in vaginal rejuvenation in Beverly Hills. This simple procedure may be performed for strictly aesthetic reasons and to help boost a woman’s sexual self-confidence, but often also deals with a range of issues, including discomfort and infection.

The board certified surgeons of Beverly Hills Physicians possess the skill and delicacy needed to perform the full range of vaginal reconstruction procedures while achieving the best possible results. Vaginoplasty and related procedures involve some of the most sensitive parts of a women’s body. Fortunately, when performed by experienced surgeons, these procedures can be performed on an out-patient basis without any need for an overnight stay. The recovery time is usually relatively brief and free of significant discomfort.

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BHP: The Place for Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery

Where you obtain a vaginal rejuvenation surgery makes a great deal of difference. Every single member of the internationally respected BHP medical team is committed to the very highest level of professionalism, discretion, and sensitivity to the needs of patients
The BHP difference extends beyond our first rate surgeons and medical support professionals. Our outstanding consultants are here to provide assistance with many of the most important details that are required to obtain a surgery. Importantly, this includes assistance while working with insurance companies.

Due to the health concerns addressed by some of these procedures, insurance providers may cover part or all of the medical costs of some operations. Of course, working through the paperwork involved in any covered procedure can be a genuine challenge. Our consultants are expert at dealing with all types of red tape and are delighted to be of service.  
In cases where procedures may not cover a significant part of the cost of the procedure, our consultants are also expert at creating payment plans that make procedures affordable even under very modest budgets. At Beverly Hills Physicians, we work hard to ensure that as many patients as possible can benefit from the skills of Southern California’s finest doctors.

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