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Facial Hyperhidrosis

Facial Hyperhidrosis

Excessive facial sweating is humiliating for just about everyone who struggles with it. Individuals suffering from facial hyperhidrosis are often subject to ridicule and can be negatively impacted by stigmatized social lives, making it difficult for them to enjoy healthy interpersonal relationships and other social interaction. Beverly Hills Physicians is adept at treating this condition, with minimally-invasive treatments, including a laparoscopic surgery called ETS surgery, which seeks to cut the nerve that communicates with specific sweat glands.

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What Causes a Sweaty Face?

Medically speaking, facial hyperhidrosis describes excessive sweating of the face. It is brought about by an overactive sympathetic nervous system, and is made worse by a variety of factors, particularly social settings. Emotional considerations such as stress and other variables can often exacerbate the problem of excessive facial sweating, which affects about 1-2% of the population. There are currently no known correlations between extreme facial sweating and personal characteristics such as ethnicity, gender, and so on. Hyperhidrosis can manifest in other areas of the body, as well, such as axillary hyperhidrosis (excessively sweaty armpits), or plantar hyperhidrosis (foot sweating).

Facial Hyperhidrosis Treatment

Fortunately, much can be done to combat the symptoms of facial sweating with an effective hyperhidrosis treatment plan. Medications that help reduce social anxiety are proven to be a helpful method for counteract facial hyperhidrosis. Of course, if you are suffering from excessive sweating, face towelsare one of the simplest and most immediately helpful ways to ward off the side effects of facial sweating. The problem most patients troubled by hyperhidrosis face is, while these methods can undoubtedly help diminish the appearance of sweat, they don’t put an end to the problem. For people who are interested in more aggressive measures of fighting excessive facial sweating, outpatient surgical procedures at Beverly Hills Physicians are relatively affordable and can successfully treat the condition.

Some of the treatments for facial hyperhidrosis include:

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Topical solutions. These include over-the-counter antiperspirants, which can be applied to the skin. They contain chemicals which can help keep the face dry, but are not considered a good long-term solution, as it can irritate the skin of the face, head or scalp.

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Medications. Some medications are useful in treating facial sweating.

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ETS Surgery. This is a very effective way to treat severe facial sweating. “ETS” stands for Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy, and is useful for patients who have not responded to conservative treatments. It is a laparoscopic surgery, meaning only tiny incisions are used, to cut specific nerves that communicate to the sweat glands.

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Beverly Hills Physicians: LA’s #1 Choice for Hyperhidrosis Treatment

Beverly Hills Physicians is an extraordinary network of board-certified physicians and medical professionals that specialize in treating the cosmetic needs of their patients. Our distinguished board-certified physicians specialize in facial hyperhidrosis treatment, as well as other forms of excessive sweating of the body. If you are need of treatment for a related excessive sweating condition for the hands or feet, called palmar hyperhidrosis, Beverly Hills Physicians has the treatment options you need. Whether you are looking for an outpatient-based solution to your predicament or are simply interested in learning more about non-surgical methods for treating the problem, contact Beverly Hills Physicians today by calling toll-free at 800-788-1416 to arrange a complimentary consultation or request one through this short online form.

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