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Extra Large Breast Implants

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Extra Large Breast Implants

We have good news for women who aren’t afraid to be noticed. Extra large breast implants from renowned plastic surgeon Dr. John Lynn Baeke and Beverly Hills Physicians offer women the size and volume they need to achieve the voluptuously bountiful look of their dreams. It’s a major innovation in medicine and beauty provided by one of the nation’s most respected physicians.

Going big beautifully is now a viable option for women. To be specific, extra large breast implants range from 1000cc to 3000cc, compared to a maximum of 800cc in ordinary augmentations. The significantly larger size means that the surgery must be performed with greater care so it’s essential to choose your plastic surgeon carefully. Dr. Baeke is a widely published expert with experience and knowledge gained over nearly four decades in medicine and a nationwide reputation to go with it.

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Who Gets XL Breast Implants?

Any woman who wants to achieve a truly dramatic figure for any reason may seek breasts that are notably larger than the ordinary, whether it’s for reasons that are personal, professional, or a little of both. 

As with all plastic surgeries, patients need to have realistic expectations. Dr. Baeke takes care to ensure patients are good candidates for the procedure, understand the process, and that they fully understand their most likely outcomes. 


XL Breast Implant Facts

Extra-large implants are always saline, i.e., silicone shells filled with a saltwater solution instead of the gel more commonly used for standard-size implants. These offer Dr. Baeke greater flexibility in terms of sculpting breasts that are between 1000cc and 3000cc, while also being maximally attractive, safe, and practical.

Many women interested in extra-large implants already have implants of a relatively large size; patients who do not currently have breast implants typically need to start with a smaller procedure and move up in size every few months until their bodies are ready for XL surgeries. In other cases, Dr. Baeke may employ a tissue expansion technique that is also often used for breast reconstruction. 

Finally, patients should understand that very large breasts may not be something they want later in life, due to the impacts of aging as well as changes in lifestyle or attitude. At that point, most patients will opt for a breast lift procedure that will result in smaller but still attractive breasts.

XL Implant Recovery

Because extra large implants weigh more, they place more stress on the body during the healing process. Therefore, recovery for XL procedures may be somewhat longer. There may also be some additional minor discomfort which can typically be controlled with over-the-counter pain relievers. Patients should be able to start returning to their standard routine within less than a month, though complete recovery will take another month or two.

Am I a Candidate for Extra Large Implant?

Most women who want extra-large implants can get them. Patients need to be in good health, have an appropriate body type, and should have reasonable expectations about their outcome. Breast augmentation generally has a very high patient satisfaction rate and XL implant procedures with Dr. Baeke are no exception.


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