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Stem Cell Facelift

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Stem Cell Facelift

As we age, many women and men are lead to expect that their natural aesthetic beauty will begin to fade – a process that can be painfully emotional, and often diminish opportunities both at work and in one’s personal life. The effects of stress, sun damage, and various other environmental factors can contribute to wrinkles, deep creases and blemishes on the face that can negatively affect one’s appearance over time. However, at Beverly Hills Physicians, we know that aging does not have to mean sacrificing your youthful beauty – and all the joy it can bring.

The expert team at BHP provides every patient with incredibly effective facelift options that allow every individual to turn back the clock with smooth, stunning skin and a youthful, rejuvenate appearance. With the cutting-edge stem cell facelift, your BHP surgeon can accomplish all of the above with the best possible results.

Stem cells are found in many tissues throughout the body – they are essentially “blank slates” that can become various types of cell. One stem cell can be manipulated to become a skin cell, fat cell or muscle cell. By injecting stem cell-infused collagen, a stem cell facelift can rejuvenate the natural, youthful glow of the skin in ways that injected fat alone is simply incapable of.

When you visit BHP for your initial consultation, a highly skilled and empathetic surgeon will help you to determine how best to reach your full potential with a stem cell facelift or procedures like an eyelid lift, rhinoplasty or neck lift, among others. In order to truly uncover your natural aesthetic beauty, a BHP surgeon may incorporate facial implants, soft tissue augmentation to tone face structure, resurfacing to improve skin texture and even injectables to reduce wrinkles.

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Benefits of a Stem Cell Face Lift

As skin begins to lose elasticity, it creates the appearance of jowls, folds and fat deposits around the neck: qualities that can substantially obscure your natural beauty. While a traditional facelift might involve surgical cutting, lifting, and sewing of sagging skin—and the recovery time that entails—the stem cell facelift is typically nonsurgical and largely non-invasive. Instead, the procedure involves fat injections that are designed to plump up the skin and restore volume to one’s face.

stem cell face lift starts with liposuction, which harvests fat from an area like the stomach or things that can later be injected into an area that has lost suppleness, like the hollows of the cheeks or the area around the eyes. This serves as a distinct advantage of the stem cell face lift; for not much more than the liposuction cost, your face can appear fuller and you can achieve a more exquisitely contoured figure overall.

About Beverly Hills Physicians

The Beverly Hills Physicians network consists of a team of medical professionals who are committed to providing every patient with the best in plastic surgery, bariatric & weight loss surgery, gynecology and podiatry among other health, beauty and wellness solutions. With over 100 years of combined experience, their highly trained, board-certified surgeons and medical staff offers spa-like facilities and unparalleled patient services, and their spa-like facilities ensure that every patient feels entirely at-ease throughout their experience at BHP.

When it comes to truly exquisite beauty from top-notch Beverly Hills plastic surgery professionals, where you go matters, and going to BHP for cosmetic treatment is always the best option. To learn more about stem cell face lift and many other options designed to help you to reach and exceed your health and beauty goals, contact Beverly Hills Physicians today at 800-788-1416 for a free consultation, and prepare to experience the best possible care.

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Getting Started with Beverly Hills Physicians

Stem cell therapy has incredible promise for therapy and treatment of many medical conditions. Yet, the full effect and actual outcome of treatment is still experimental at present time and more clinical research needs to be done.

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