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Pelvic Pain

If you are a woman experiencing pelvic pain, you may be suffering from any of a large number of conditions affecting the reproductive system. Diagnosing the exact problem is not always simple or easy, but the outstanding gynecologists of Beverly Hills Physicians are known for possessing the expertise to deal with the root causes of pelvic distress.

Pain is a signal from the body to the brain alerting us that something is not as it should be, but interpreting that signal is often difficult. Important health issues behind pelvis pain may range from endometriosis – a condition in which the lining of the uterus grows outside the uterus – to fibroids, ovarian cysts, ectopic pregnancies, and menstrual cramps, as well as pelvic floor pain, which is related to musculoskeletal problems.

Since pain can have so many causes, it takes a great deal of medical experience and knowledge to properly diagnose and then treat pelvic discomfort. Fortunately, the board certified doctors of Beverly Hills Physicians are the very best at what they do. Whether the treatment is endometriosis surgery to remove the lining of the uterus, or a more conservative approach that may involve various types of medications or hormone therapy, patients praise the careful and compassionate approach employed by BHP’s widely respected physicians.

Where patients go to have their pelvic pain treated can obviously make a tremendous difference. There is always a risk of a misdiagnosis if practitioners are not fully attentive to a patient’s situation and medical history. Determining the difference between pelvic floor pain and discomfort caused by endometriosis or uterine fibroids, for example, requires knowledge, sensitivity, and great intelligence. BHP doctors are known for their ability to listen, to take in the totality of a patient’s medical situation, and to make an accurate diagnosis.

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Medical Care at BHP

Beverly Hills Physicians is one of Southern California’s most prominent medical groups with a reputation for overall excellence. BHP doctors provide a wide range of services for women and men that includes weight loss treatments and podiatry as well as plastic surgery. From providing vaginal rejuvenation surgery, to diagnosing symptoms that may not have an obvious source, we are able to provide the kind of highly individualized medical service that many patients tell us has become a rarity.

While BHP is extremely proud of its first-rate medical staff, many of our patients also single out our outstanding consultants. These highly intelligent professionals are here to help patients with all the details of obtaining medical care. In particular, this may include help working with medical insurers and their often complex and highly detailed paperwork. In cases where procedures might not be covered by insurance, our consultants may also provide customized payment plans which can make most procedures affordable even to individuals on very modest budgets.

Whether you are suffering from undiagnosed pain in the pelvic area, are interested in a plastic surgery or weight loss procedure, or are curious about such female-specific procedures as a labia reduction surgery , Beverly Hills Physicians is here to help. Please phone us at 800-788-1416 or reach us through our contact page to inquire about a free initial consultation.

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