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Breast Reduction
for Men

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Breast Reduction for Men

While society often makes large breasts a point of pride in women, the opposite is true for men. We at Beverly Hills Physicians are sensitive to these concerns, and offer breast reduction for men who are tired of feeling embarrassed or ashamed of their feminine-looking chest.

We recommend breast reduction for men suffering from a condition called gynecomastia, which generally refers to enlarged male breasts as a result of fat deposits, hormones, and in most cases, both. Because hormones can play a part in the size of male breasts, a breast reduction for men usually results in the removal of both fat tissue and glandular tissue. The fat tissue is removed through careful liposuction, and with most liposuction, the procedure often involves the removal of some excess skin.

A breast reduction for men with enlarged breasts is a great way for men to get a boost of confidence in their appearance. In addition, excessively enlarged breast tissue in men causes chest pain. Many men who have the procedure say that they are no longer suffering from breast pain, are not embarrassed to have their shirt off at the beach, and that they’re extremely happy with their flatter, more masculine looking chest.

Male Breast Reduction can Boost Confidence

This boost of confidence is typical with a variety of surgeries for men that the talented surgeons at Beverly Hills Physicians perform for their male patients. Our plastic surgeons are not only the most experienced, but they also offer an unmatched level of personalized patient care to ensure that every man who walks through our doors walks out with exactly the look that he was aiming for. Whatever your cosmetic concern, you can’t go wrong with Beverly Hills Physicians.

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