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Heel Pain

Heel pain is quite common and, if you think about it, that’s not very surprising. Our heels have to support the entire weight of our body each and every time we walk or run. It also means that bad heel pain can seriously hurt our quality of life. Very severe heel pain can be close to disabling.

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Heel Pain – Causes And Cures

Of course, not all heel pain is the same, and its treatment varies accordingly. We’ll go through heal pain causes one by one.

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The tendon that connects the calf muscles to the heel is called the bursa. When it decides that it’s been overused, it becomes inflamed. There is often swelling accompanying this condition and patients often feel the pain emanating from inside the heel. Since the problem is caused by overuse, the solution is to use it less. In addition to taking it easier on the foot generally, a specialist will typically suggest padding and other techniques to pamper your bursa. If an infection is present, antibiotics may be required as well.

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Sometimes, an extremely small outgrowth of the heel bone will cause inflammation and significant pain after long use, often in middle-age. Since the bone is well inside your heel, there are usually no visible signs of the problem but the pain will be at its worst when the patient stands after a prolonged period of sleeping or sitting down. It may feel as if it’s coming from deep inside the heel area of your foot. There are many treatments ranging from over-the-counter anti-inflammatory pain relievers and insoles, to injections and surgeries in more persistent cases.

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Some doctors may call this issue “Haglund’s deformity,” but you’ll probably prefer to call this by the more popular name of “pump bump.” These are simply small boney lumps that may appear around the heel. Repeated friction caused by wearing shoes with hard backs, such as pumps, can cause painful bursitis and swelling in some cases. Various types of padding, anti-inflammatory NSAID analgesics, changing footwear, and special arch supports can often help the problem. In more severe cases, surgery may be the best treatment.

Bring Your Pain To Heel!

If you’re dealing with persistent heel pain, there’s thing to do is to contact a medical professional to help you tame the pain. To get started, call our team at Beverly Hills Physicians at the phone number above. You can also request an appointment online.

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