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Thigh Lift

When a large amount of loose skin starts to appear on the upper parts of the legs, a thigh lift may be the only permanent solution. While excessive sun, poor health habits, aging, and other factors can play a role, a rapid weight loss is the most common cause of large amounts of loose skin on the thighs. Beverly Hills Physicians is a network of outstanding doctors that includes many of the finest plastic surgeons in the greater Los Angeles area; they are the best possible resource for anyone considering plastic surgery to deal with the depressing and sometimes uncomfortable problem of loose skin after weight loss around the thighs or elsewhere on the body.

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What is a Thight Lift?

The thigh lift is an outpatient procedure that requires minimal anesthesia. Recovery usually takes between one and two weeks before painless and unrestricted movement returns. Incisions are usually hidden in the crease of the groin, but adequate rest is necessary to speed recovery and decrease scarring.

Of course, a thigh lift is just one type of lift procedure, as loose skin can accumulate on most body parts. An arm lift, for example, is an increasingly popular procedure for people looking for attractively toned arms. For people who may have lost a truly large amount of weight all over their body, a full body lift may be the best solution.

The Best Thigh Lift Results

Whichever procedure a patient selects, Beverly Hills Physicians is here to provide access to the finest board certified plastic surgeons in the Los Angeles area, as well as complete support throughout the process of obtaining a thigh lift or other procedure. Where you go to obtain plastic surgery matters; our doctors are not only hugely skilled and experienced practitioners, they are compassionate and sensitive care providers who understand the sometimes difficult issues surrounding plastic surgery. Our staff is also ready to provide compassionate and caring support for all aspects of plastic surgery, from helping to make sure you understand the steps you need to take in the recovery process, to providing payment plans to help with financing procedures when necessary.

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Thigh Lift in Beverly Hills

If you feel that loose skin around the thighs or elsewhere is cramping your style, now is the time to get started on correcting the situation. Please call our phone number or contact us online for a free initial consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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