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Beverly Hills Physicians is a network of board-certified, highly skilled surgeons that specialize in a wide range of procedures. We are committed to the beauty, health, and wellness of our patients from head to toe. One of our main focuses, podiatry, enables us to help patients who are experiencing foot conditions that cause pain, discomfort, and lowered confidence. If you’re feet are giving you grief, set up a free consultation with one of our foot specialists. Whether you want to be able to lace up your running shoes to get moving or fit into your favorite pair of stilettos, we can address your foot problems and find the best solution.

All About The Foot

The human foot contains 26 bones, 33 joints, and hundreds of ligaments, muscles, and tendons, making it a highly complex structure. The 52 bones in both of your feet make up roughly a quarter of all the bones in your body. Our feet give us balance, and not only enable us to get from place to place, but to exercise, and express ourselves through dance, fashion, and even gait. When we experience foot problems, a podiatrist, or foot doctor, can help.

What Is Podiatry?

Podiatry is a growing field in the United States as the amount of time Americans spend on their feet increases. Foot care is an important part of maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle while retaining your own personal comfort.

Your podiatrist is professionally trained to treat and diagnose injuries, diseases, and disorders in your feet and lower legs. A podiatric surgeon can treat your problems by prescribing medication, setting fractures, performing surgery, and ordering physical therapy. They are also trained to correct deformities using plaster casts and strappings. Your foot surgeon can also help you in your everyday with custom-made shoes and corrective inserts, known as orthotics.

We treat the following podiatric conditions:

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