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Breast Reconstruction

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Breast Reconstruction

When problems with breast issues arise following surgery or due to aging or other factors, breast reconstruction procedures are typically the solution.
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Common Reasons For Breast
Reconstruction In Beverly Hills

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Post Surgical Complications and Deformities

Breast augmentation surgery can sometimes be followed by complications and deformities that may involve hardening, drooping, and discomfort. Whether the cause is a botched procedure, bad luck, or the passage of time, Beverly Hills Physicians is here to turn tragedy into triumph.

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Inverted and Enlarged Nipples and Areolas

Inverted nipples, also called retracted nipples, may be caused by genetics or aging and menopause as well as more serious health problems. Enlarged nipples and areolas may be due to hormonal changes in puberty and later on. When health issues have been ruled out, breast reconstruction can treat these issues and help women become more confident and at ease.

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Revision Procedures

Unfortunately, not all surgeons are equally skilled and patients may suffer from procedures that have been botched or that are simply disappointing. Breast reconstruction procedures from the Beverly Hills Physicians team consistently resolve these issues in ways that leave patients relieved as well as looking and feeling their absolute best.

Breast Implant Removal

Sometimes called breast explantation, implant removal is typically the first step of breast reconstruction following augmentation surgery. In most cases, the present implant will be replaced by a new one. Explantation is typically obtained to deal with one of the following issues.
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Capsular Contracture

A highly treatable complication related to breast implants that may impact nearly five-percent of breast implant patients,* capsular contracture occurs when the natural capsule of tissue that forms around an implant during post-operative recovery becomes excessively hard and squeezes breast tissue. Aside from the less natural feeling and appearance of breasts, discomfort may also be an issue. This type of breast reconstruction involves implant removal and replacement. In many cases, the surgeon may employ a special organic surgical mesh that fuses with the body to support the new implant and reduce the chances of a recurrence.


While this term can sound frightening, when breasts start to depart from standard shapes, the situation is highly treatable via breast reconstruction, if understandably upsetting to many patients. The most common deformities include

  • Waterfall deformity – Implants droop to the point where they begin to point downward; sometimes referred to as Snoopy deformities.
  • Animation deformities – The breasts move more than they would naturally when patients walk or move around.
  • Double-bubble deformities – Implants move below the inframammary fold, the crease below the breast.
  • Asymmetries – One breast is larger or notably different in shape compared to the other.

Other common reasons for breast implant removal are excessive scarring, implant ruptures, and the passage of time; breast implants are only intended to last for ten to 15 years and must be periodically replaced. Also, sometimes women come to a point in their lives when their otherwise healthy implants have become problematic in some way or simply no longer fit in with their current lifestyles. They may seek breast reconstruction to obtain breasts that remain attractive but at a much more modest size.


Breast Removal and Replacement

Most patients choose to have their problematic implants replaced with new ones. In these cases, the breast reconstruction process generally resembles a breast lift, aka mastopexy. Although the details of procedures will differ considerably depending on the patient’s situation, incisions are most often made in one of two places:

  • The areola, where the darker skin will make scarring much less conspicuous;
  • Underneath the breast, where incisions can be hidden inside creases.

When patients prefer not to opt for an implant as a replacement, it may be possible to use a fat transfer technique, sometimes called fat grafting. Often used in procedures such as a BBL, this form of breast reconstruction can produce outstanding outcomes that look and feel very natural. In cases where sufficient supporting tissue may not be present, skin and muscle tissue may also be employed for what doctors call autologous reconstruction. It’s important to note that fat transfer can only increase the size of the breast by a single cup size, making it a good choice for women who are satisfied with smaller breasts.

What to Do Before a Breast Reconstruction Procedure

The first step is to find an experienced and reputable board-certified plastic surgeon – and we hope you get started doing that by contacting Beverly Hills Physicians!

If you book a free initial consultation with us, you and your plastic surgeon will discuss your overall situation; the doctor will look at your health history and will recommend a breast reconstruction treatment plan. The next step will be to ensure you are medically cleared for the procedure.

Moving on, if you are a smoker you will need to stop six weeks before the procedure and for several more weeks after surgery. Aside from numerous other ugly outcomes, smoking has been found to significantly increase the odds of post-surgical complications. Taking the opportunity to quit smoking permanently would be an excellent long-term step. One thing we can say with certainty about cancers, heart attacks, and strokes – they don’t help your appearance!

It will also be necessary to stop using any blood-thinning (anti-coagulant) medications before your breast reconstruction surgery. The most common of these are NSAIDS like ibuprofen (Advil), naproxen (Aleve), and aspirin. If you are taking any other anti-coagulant to prevent strokes or clotting, it will be especially important to check with your doctor and any specialists before going forward.

It’s also a good idea to stay on top of your health by consuming a healthy, varied high-nutrient diet and getting plenty of rest. Finally, make sure you find a designated individual to drive you home following surgery and someone to stay with you for at least the first night after the procedure. While breast reconstruction complications are rare, it’s important to exercise caution.


Recovery from Breast Reconstruction Surgeries

Before leaving the facility, you will be given detailed instructions on what to do to ensure the best outcomes, including how to care for bandages, dressings, and drains as your wound heals. You will also be provided with garments such as special supportive bras, as well as antibiotics to prevent infections and prescription pain relievers.

It’s normal to experience some temporary bruising and discomfort after breast reconstruction surgery that will dissipate with time. You should also refrain from driving and you will need to avoid any strenuous exercise for a period of several more weeks, particularly lifting and other upper-body exercise. You should be able to return to a sedentary job in about one or two weeks, however.

You will see some outcomes soon after surgery. However, it may take a few months before you can see the full extent of your outcomes.

The Beverly Hills Physicians team makes a point of staying in touch with patients after surgery to ensure they understand their instructions and are progressing well in their recovery.

Choosing Beverly Hills Physicians

Beverly Hills Physicians plastic surgeons have performed countless breast reconstruction procedures throughout Southern California. We are known for our outstanding outcomes and compassionate approach to all of our patients’ concerns.

We also understand that patients may be concerned about costs because strictly cosmetic procedures are not covered by medical insurance and many people are unable to pay out-of-pocket for a procedure all at once. That’s why our friendly and caring consultants are empowered to create payment plans that can make plastic surgery costs fit into all kinds of budgets.

To find out more about breast reconstruction with Beverly Hills Physicians, contact us today by phone or by filling out the short form below.

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