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Stem Cell Vaginal Rejuvenation

Stem Cell Vaginal Rejuvenation

At Beverly Hills Physicians, we understand that every woman’s body is different – and for some, these differences can lead to lowered self-esteem, pain and reduced control of bodily functions. That’s why our expert, board certified surgeons provide expert skill in performing confidence-building gynecological procedures like labial reduction surgery, vaginoplasty and even the cutting edge and exceptionally effective and cutting-edge stem cell vaginal rejuvenation.

Within the field of cosmetic plastic surgery, stem cell use has garnered much acclaim in recent years for being a safe, reliable and effective method for enhancing one’s aesthetic appeal. In performing stem cell vaginal rejuvenation, a BHP surgeon will harvest a patient’s own fat in order to increase the volume in another area of the body – often leading to truly remarkable, beautiful results. Performed in tandem with a G-spot magnification – a procedure designed to enhance sexual stimulation – stem cell vaginoplasty or vaginal rejuvenation can lead to both an improved intimate experience and incredibly enhanced self-confidence that can open you up to joy and new opportunities in your life.

Found in many different tissues throughout the body, stem cells are capable of becoming cells for various purposes – a skin cell, a fat cell or a muscle cell, for example. Many researchers have found that adding stem cells to injected fat is a remarkably effective way to achieve better, more supple skin. When utilized in a vaginoplasty or vaginal reconstruction, the results lead to a more natural appearance that many women find to be similar to or even an improvement on their body’s appearance in their youth.

While the effects of aging alone can lead to a decrease in sensation and aesthetic appeal of a woman’s personal area, in many cases, environmental factors can substantially increase the need for vaginal rejuvenation. Child-birth is a common cause for a woman to require enhancement, though sexual activity, tight clothing, sports or other physical activities can also serve to decrease the tightness and aesthetic appeal of the vaginal area.

With the vaginal rejuvenation treatments from BHP’s experts, you can turn back the clock on the appearance, while enhancing sensation – and closeness with your significant other – like never before. Prior to your procedure, you’ll meet with a warm and knowledgeable consultant who will match you with the ideal surgeon for your health and beauty needs, and even assist with financing, pre-operative and post-operative care.

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At Beverly Hills Physicians, you’ll find a team that includes Southern California’s most reputable professionals in fields ranging from cosmetic dentistry, laser treatment, gynecology and various other health and wellness services. As a patient, you’ll have access to our highly trained surgeons ad staff, as well as luxurious spa-like facilities and state-of-the-art treatments like stem cell vaginal tightening. At BHP, we understand that health and aesthetic beauty are essential aspects of a life that is filled with joy and contentment. That’s why we work to ensure every patient experiences peace of mind thanks to our surgical facilities that are fully accredited by the American Association for Ambulatory Healthcare, and equipped with the most cutting-edge and effective instruments.

For the best stem cell vaginoplasty and rejuvenation treatment, among many other health, beauty and wellness solutions, contact Beverly Hills Physicians at 800-788-1416 today for a free consultation. You’ll be connected to a network of medical experts who are eager to assist you in meeting and even exceeding your every aesthetic goal.

Stem cell therapy has incredible promise for therapy and treatment of many medical conditions. Yet, the full effect and actual outcome of treatment is still experimental at present time and more clinical research needs to be done.

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