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Labial Reduction

As the home of some of Southern California’s finest specialists in female-specific surgeries, more and more patients are turning to Beverly Hills Physicians for labial reduction operations. This increasingly common procedure adjusts the sizes of the inner and outer labia which surround the vulva. 

A labial reduction might be performed for a number of reasons, ranging from the strictly medical to entirely aesthetic. Large or elongated labia may be removed simply based on a woman’s preference or due to a number of very real health and lifestyle problems. These may include labial pain during sexual intercourse, sweating, irritation, and infection. Unusually large labia may also make wearing certain basic articles of clothing – including bathing suits, underwear, pants or jeans – extremely difficult. Labia can vary greatly between women based on age, genetics, ethnicity, and numerous other factors; obviously, attitudes and preferences can vary greatly as well.

No matter what leads a woman to undergo this procedure, the top medical doctors of Beverly Hills Physicians are ready and able to perform labia reduction with the utmost skill and care. There is little discomfort, and recovery times for this outpatient procedure tend to be very brief. Labia reduction may be performed under general or twilight anesthesia and patients report consistently outstanding results thanks to the sensitivity and skill of BHP’s widely respected specialists. Many women elect to take advantage of the procedures together with vaginoplasty, which tightens the structures of the inner genitalia, as part of an overall vaginal rejuvenation procedure.

If you are seriously interested in exploring whether or not a labial procedure makes sense for you, your next step should be a free initial consultation with members of the Beverly Hills Physicians team. During the consultation, you can explore with the specialist the various reasons for obtaining the procedure and the most likely results.

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Treating Women’s Health Concerns at BHPu

Beverly Hills Physicians is dedicated to treating a full range of range of health concerns affecting women, from reducing the labia to such gynecological matters as ovarian cyst and endometriosis treatment. (The latter condition is a frequent cause of significant pelvic pain and, in some cases, can also negatively affect fertility.)

Where you go for any kind of procedure or treatment makes a tremendous difference and BHP is here to help by providing access to some of Southern California’s leading specialists in a number of medical fields. Beyond our outstanding medical team, however, many patients also rely on BHP because of the level of support our consultants provide when it comes to dealing with such issues as insurance and paperwork.

While many BHP procedures are generally covered by insurers, others are not and insurance provisions differ greatly. Patients who are concerned about finances will be happy to know that, when needed, our consultants are ready and able to construct payment plans that can fit surgical procedures into just about any budget.

For further information on Beverly Hill Physicians please call 800-788-1416 or request a free consultation through our contact page. Our offices are located in Beverly Hills, Encino, Thousand Oaks, Pasadena, and throughout Southern California.

Female Correction & Vaginal Rejuvenation Doctors:

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