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Liposuction In Beverly Hills

Liposuction in Beverly Hills and throughout Southern California has never been more popular at our offices, and we know why. When it comes to sculpting the best possible body for patients, the outstanding doctors of Beverly Hills Physicians are ready to use every tool available to produce truly outstanding results.

About Liposuction

Liposuction is among the most widely obtained of plastic surgeries because it solves a common problem. Even the most avid exercise enthusiast and dieter can find that fat deposits on certain parts of the body may be particularly stubborn. “Love handles” on the waist and the abdominal “pooch” on women are just two of the most common issues. Liposuction uses a vacuum-like device that removes unwanted fat which can then either be discarded or used in body contouring procedures elsewhere in the body. However, let’s be clear that this procedure is no substitute for weight loss. Indeed, since fat on the lower portion of the body is significantly less dangerous to health that relatively easy-to-lose stomach fat, it is a purely cosmetic procedure.

Liposuction is no substitute for long term weight control, but it is the most reliable method for improving the appearance of areas of the body that may be impacted by stubborn pockets of fat, including the abdomen, buttocks, facial cheeks, chin, hips, neck, thighs, and the backs of arms. Beverly Hills Physicians is here to ensure that a respected plastic surgeon will ensure the procedure goes well from a medical standpoint while also making certain that the results leave the patient feeling and looking as good as possible.

Liposuction Uses

In addition to being a standalone procedure, liposuction is often used in conjunction with other procedures including:

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Mommy Makeover – Gaining weight in hard to deal with areas is very common during and after pregnancy, so many mothers will incorporate liposuction into the mix of procedures that make up their mommy makeover.

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Tummy Tuck – While the primary purpose of a tummy tuck is to remove excess skin, some fat around the area is often removed using liposuction for a better result. This procedure is typically also a part of the mommy makeover.

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Fat Transfer – Transfer procedures using fat extracted from other areas on a patient’s body are becoming more common, especially when used for buttock augmentation, aka the Brazilian butt lift

Are Liposuction Results Immediate?

While the targeted fat is removed once and for all in the course of the procedure, swelling will make it difficult to see any major change in the first few weeks following a procedure. After that time, most people can see a real difference. The full results, however, may take several months to a year to become fully visible.

Can Liposuction Reduce Cellulite?

Nobody loves their lumpy cellulite, but the American Society of Plastic Surgeons cautions that liposuction alone may not completely remove cellulite. Fortunately, it’s possible to remove both excess fat and cellulite by using liposuction in conjunction with other procedures. If you are concerned about cellulite, be sure to discuss it with your surgeon in some detail. It’s crucial that you have a clear idea of what the likely results are in your very specific case.

Liposuction At Beverly Hills Physicians

Your choice of a medical facility for your liposuction is crucial, and Beverly Hills Physicians is here to help with every aspect of the process. That includes the financial side of your situation, beginning with the often asked question, “how much does liposuction cost?” Especially since it is almost never covered by medical insurance, it is only natural to be concerned about the financial end of the procedure. Fortunately, our first-rate consultants are here to help you work out a plan that fits within your budget. Liposuction is often less expensive than patients assume. Even so, it’s completely understandable that people may want to have some idea of what these procedures may cost.

According to RealSelf, a liposuction procedure typically ranges between $2,000 and $10,000. This sum is determined both by the amount of fat extracted and by the area of the body on which liposuction is performed. However, this wide range can be cleared up during one of our free consultations, during which our expert surgeons provide patients with precise information that includes all associated fees.

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