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Mommy Makeover

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Mommy Makeover Beverly Hills

Motherhood is a wonderful thing, but moms agree that some of the things it does to their bodies are not wonderful at all. A mommy makeover is a set of operations specifically designed to correct the undesirable results of childbearing and help moms feel more like the vibrant and healthy people they still are. If you are a mother who wants to improve your appearance, the first thing you should do is consult an expert board-certified plastic surgeon at Beverly Hills Physicians to see which procedures are appropriate in your case.

Some patients wonder about obtaining multiple plastic surgeries together but mommy makeovers make sense for several reasons. To begin with, they allow a plastic surgeon to do the best work possible in terms of harmonizing procedures so that, together, they can best flatter the patients’ head-to-toe appearance. While the recovery time following a mommy makeover time will be longer than for any single procedure, it will be significantly less over the long term than if a patient were to get each procedure separately. Doing the procedures together is also more efficient in terms of costs.

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Mommy Makeover Surgery

Below are three of the most frequently obtained mommy makeover procedures at Beverly Hills Physicians:

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Tummy Tuck

tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) tightens loose muscles and removes the excess skin and fatty tissue that may follow a rapid and significant weight loss such as occurs during pregnancy. Tummy tucks correct problems that no amount of time, healthy low-calorie eating, and appropriate exercise will address. The result is a far more contoured appearance than would be otherwise possible. 

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Breast Augmentation and/or Breast Lift

Hormones and changes in size during pregnancy and lactation can decrease the volume of a mom’s breasts and cause sagging (ptosis). Breast lifts (mastopexy) can resolve these problems but breasts will lose size. Breast augmentation will make up for lost volume but may not deal with ptosis. Talk to your plastic surgeon about whether both procedures or just one are best for you.

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Vaginal Rejuvenation

Many women find unexpected changes to their vaginal area following one or more childbirths. Sometimes the issue is primarily related to its appearance though discomfort may also be a problem. Labiaplasty or labial reduction can often resolve these matters, resulting in a greater feeling of confidence and comfort. If there are sexual issues or incontinence, vaginal reconstruction may also be an option. 

Your choice of a board-certified plastic surgeon from Beverly Hills Physicians is an important step for helping to ensure a successful and safe procedure. Our expert medical professionals are here to produce outstanding outcomes and protect patients’ health and comfort at all times. 

You may be aware that strictly cosmetic mommy makeover procedures are not covered by insurance but please don’t be intimidated by the cost – particularly before you know exactly what it might be! When needed, Beverly Hills Physicians works with clients to craft payment plans that ensure that procedures are affordable at their income level.

To get started on your mommy makeover surgery, you can phone us or contact us for a free consultation.

Mommy Makeover Recovery

Your doctor and the Beverly Hills Physicians team will provide detailed instructions and personal guidance to ensure the best possible recovery. While the length of time will vary based on the procedures and the patient’s situation, plan for roughly two to four weeks of downtime following surgery. After returning to work, it will still be important to avoid strenuous exercise and heavy lifting for some additional weeks 

The most important thing to do after having a mommy makeover is to rest properly. Your body may also experience swelling and soreness, making it challenging to accomplish basic tasks. To make sure your recovery goes as smoothly as possible, put items you’ll want, such as your medications, phone, charger, water, snacks, and the all-important remote controls within easy reach of your rest area. Especially if you have children at home, having someone around the house to help with daily duties such as caring for kids, cooking, and errands may be essential.

The first night after any plastic surgery, you cannot be left alone. Since these procedures are usually performed using general anesthesia, you will also require a designated individual to drive you home following a procedure. In some cases, however, patients may choose to stay in a recovery facility the first night following the procedures. If any questions arise, our friendly and caring medical team will also be there to answer questions and provide assistance at any time.

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Facts on Tummy Tucks and
Breast Procedures

The large majority of mommy makeovers are built around these two procedures.
Here are some additional facts you may want to know as you consider a mommy makeover.

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  • Tummy Tucks

    Most people intuitively understand something about the removal of excess skin and fat involved in a tummy tuck. We tend to know less regarding the tightening of muscles and why that may be necessary. This portion of a tummy tuck is to correct abdominal separation. Called diastasis rec in medicalese, the problem is what it sounds like – due to pressure from the growing uterus during pregnancy, abs literally separate. This problem usually heals on its own after a first child but the process becomes less certain with additional pregnancies and muscles may often remain separated. Obesity and genetics can also play a major role in muscle separation.

    The approach is fairly simple in that your doctor will suture the separated muscles back together. This may sound simple but it can be a challenging part of the procedure and is one of the reasons why it’s important to obtain the services of a board-certified plastic surgeon with a solid reputation. Fortunately, the research on this procedure suggests that the large majority of procedures produce positive results.*

    *Evaluation of functional outcomes following rectus diastasis repair—an up-to-date literature review,” Hernia. A. Olsson, O. Kiwanuka, G. Sandblom, and O. Stackelberg. July 24, 2021.

  • Breast Procedures

    Breasts were made primarily to feed babies, not to be eternally pert. The unpleasant fact is that, the older we get and the closer we get to losing our ability to reproduce and raise the next generation, the less Mom Nature cares about us. Ptosis, called sagging by medical laypeople, is to some degree inevitable as we have more children and age. Fortunately, both breast augmentation to restore volume and breast lifts to restore shape can be viable solutions to the problem, either separately or in combination.

    Most augmentations are done via silicone or saline implants. Implants all have their specific pluses and minuses so it’s important to have a discussion with your doctor about which type and which size will be best for you. A lesser-known option is using a fat transfer technique; this means using unwanted fat taken from elsewhere in the body, purifying it, and then reintroducing it to the body. Fat transfer can produce somewhat larger breasts that look and feel extremely natural and attractive. The limitation, however, is that it can only increase the size of a breast by about one cup size.

    As for breast lifts, your plastic surgeon may choose from several incision techniques with somewhat self-explanatory names such as crescent, donut, and anchor scar. Again, it’s important to discuss the type of procedure that will work best in your case.

Preparing for a Mommy Makeover

Your doctor will give you more detailed discussions but the preparation for most surgeries of all types typically involves the need to refrain from using NSAIDs such as ibuprofen (Advil) and naproxen (Aleve) or any other medications that may tend to thin the blood. Also, smokers need to stop smoking several weeks before and after surgery as it has been closely associated with post-operative complications. It’s obviously best for both your health and appearance if you quit smoking permanently.

There is one more thing you absolutely must do before you obtain a mommy makeover and that’s to get in touch with an outstanding plastic surgery provider like Beverly Hills Physicians! Call us and reach out electronically to make an appointment for a free first-time consultation! We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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