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Rhinoplasty Cost

Rhinoplasty cost is certain to be a consideration for almost anyone who is considering a nose contouring surgery, but money should never be a permanent roadblock on the way to feeling and looking your very best. At Beverly Hills Physicians, we understand that, for most people, the expense of a procedure will always be a concern. We are, nevertheless, here to help as many men and women as possible – including people on a budget – obtain the work they want. In other words, if you really want a nose job, we’ll help you find a way to get one.

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Great, but How Much Do Rhinoplasties Cost?

People in the medical field tend to be slow to provide specific numbers, mostly because all procedures are different from each other, and precise costs are impossible to discuss with any accuracy before knowing which kind and how much work will be required. For example, simpler procedures are obviously less costly than more involved surgeries; revision rhinoplasty – which corrects complications or work that was substandard – tends to be notably more expensive than a first time procedure, and that’s just one example.

Even so, we understand that most people want to have some kind of ballpark figure. According to, a primary rhinoplasty can cost between $5,000 and $10,000. However, the most complex revision cases can approach $15,000. Even if that seems high to you, be aware there are ways Beverly Hills Physicians can fit that into most budgets.

Also, be very careful when considering options that might seem like a bargain, such as traveling to another country for a procedure, or going to a cut-rate clinic here in the U.S. It’s never a good idea to risk both your health and your appearance by going to practitioners whose work may not be regulated or licensed properly. Especially considering the cost and heartache involved with a revision procedure, it makes sense to spend a little bit more up front to make sure you get the best results the first time out. Good work is always the best bargain.

Is Rhinoplasty Ever Covered by Health Insurance?

Occasionally. Procedures that are obtained for strictly cosmetic purposes are never covered by insurance. However, patients who are dealing with deviated septums or other medical issues impacting the nose may be able to have a procedure covered.

Insurance Won’t Help Me, and I’m No Multi-Millionaire. Is Financing an Option?

Yes, in most cases. BHP’s first-rate team of consultants is able to provide you with a number of choices that can put the cost of rhinoplasty, or just about any other procedure, within reach. Plastic surgery is not just for the rich and famous, it’s for anyone who wants it.

How Do I Find Out More about Getting a Nose Job?

That’s an easy one, just call us at the phone number above or visit our request a consultation page.  Everyone here at Beverly Hills Physicians looks forward to hearing from you!

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