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Removing Loose Skin
after Weight Loss

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Plastic Surgery after Bariatric Surgery

Losing weight is a great accomplishment that men should be proud of. Unfortunately, when weight loss occurs too quickly, the skin does not have enough time to keep up with the reduction of fat, and can result in flabby, loose skin. Many male patients come into our offices asking about removing loose skin after weight loss and they are pleased to know that we have a variety of solutions.

The most common place that men consider removing loose skin after weight loss is around their belly. Since the belly is where a lot of fat is stored in obese patients, it makes sense that this is where men see the biggest reduction in size, creating the greatest amount of loose skin. This can be fixed by a tummy tuck procedure, which produces fantastic results for men and women alike. Our expert surgeons have been perfecting the tummy tuck procedure for years, and have hundreds of former patients who are extremely satisfied with their results. This is just one of the many body lift procedures that are available at Beverly Hills Physicians.

Removing loose skin after weight loss is also common on the under arms, and is most commonly referred to as an arm lift. This is most common in older men whose skin has lost some of the elasticity more common in young people. Yet, even in young patients, it is possible to lose weight so quickly that the skin regression cannot keep up.

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We perform all of the most popular types of weight loss surgery

At Beverly Hills Physicians, our surgeons are not only experts at removing loose skin after weight loss, but we also can perform all of the most popular types of weight loss surgery. Our bariatric surgery department is highly regarded as one of the best in the region, and our patients love to take advantage of the interconnectivity of our services to maximize their results. Our weight loss doctors can also give dietary and exercise advice to ensure that each patient is on the right path to healthy weight loss that has important health benefits and sought after cosmetic results.

Beverly Hills Physicians is one of the few offices in the country that provides options for bariatric patients from start to finish. If you would like to remove loose skin after weight loss, it is important to go to the same place that performed your bariatric surgery to make sure that the doctors are familiar with your case and medical history in order to minimize complications and maximize results. Call us today at 1-800-788-1416 for a free consultation!

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