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Capsular Contracture

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Capsular Contracture

At Beverly Hills Physicians, our patients know to expect the best beauty, health and wellness solutions. While we’re recognized for performing a number of medical procedures with exceptional results, the meticulous precision and caring demeanor of our specialists makes our facility perfect for performing plastic surgery procedures as well as treating complications like capsular contracture.

Capsular contracture: When breast implants are placed in the body, the body forms a natural lining around it, which is often known as a “tissue capsule”. This process is completely natural, and can happen at any time, but in the first several months after surgery, it’s far more common.

However in certain individuals after a breast implant procedure a fibrous capsular may form that consists of hard tissue. The capsule tightens, squeezing the implant, making it feel hard and distorting the appearance of the breast. In the latter stages of capsular contracture, the implant will feel very firm, and may even take on a “ball-like” appearance.

Once the patient has experienced capsular contracture, the implant and the capsule must be removed. Following removal, the breast will usually end up looking just as soft as it did when it was inserted. Since capsular contracture occurs when the immune system defends a patient’s body integrity and health, it can reoccur after corrective treatment.

Bakers Grading

Grade 1 – The breast feels soft and appears natural in size and shape

Grade 2 – The breast is a little firm, but appears normal

Grade 3 – The patient experiences breast implant hardening and the breast appears misshapen

Grade 4 – The breast feels hard or even painful, and the patient experiences implant deformity

The path towards confidence-boosting beauty is not always a smooth one, but when you hit a bump in the road, it always helps to have support from the truly incredible aesthetic treatment from Beverly Hills Physicians. Not only do our many board certified surgeons achieve exquisite results from the breast augmentation and implant treatments they perform, but they are equally adept at performing breast augmentation revision surgery to correct any issues that have occurred along the way.

Of course, we understand that experiencing any complication after a cosmetic surgical treatment can lead to anxiety or stress, which is why we remain on hand at every step of the way to answer any questions. Our friendly, supportive team even offers luxurious, spa-like facilities for every patient, allowing them to feel as special as we know they truly are.

Whether you’re looking to achieve your aesthetic goals through an initial cosmetic surgery or you’re looking to treat complications from an earlier procedure, don’t hesitate to contact Beverly Hills Physicians. For a free consultation regarding any our services, please call 800-788-1416 or request a consultation online.

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