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Drainless Tummy Tuck

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Drainless Tummy Tuck (TissueGlu)

Men and women from all walks of life have been delighted by the results of their tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) procedure for removing excess skin and fatty tissue from their midsection. However, absolutely no one is delighted with the small plastic drains that are usually needed following a procedure; patients often complain that they are uncomfortable and inconvenient. Fortunately, a new FDA approved product known as TissuGlu, a synthetic surgical adhesive used internally, offers the chance for patients to enjoy a speedier and more rapid recovery – without drains.

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How does TissuGlu remove the need for drains?

Following a surgery, additional fluid will occur at the incision site naturally as part of the healing process; drains are typically needed to prevent that accumulation from becoming excessive and getting in the way of recovery. TissuGlu Surgical Adhesive, however, allows tissue layers to be bound more closely together so that fluid can be dealt with through the body’s natural processes.

Why are drains worth avoiding?

Drains are still needed in some situations, and most patients agree that they are worth enduring for a time (typically 1-3 weeks) following their tummy tuck in order to enjoy the overall benefits of the procedure. However, surveys have found that just about all patients would rather not have to deal with them at all. Complaints include that drains need to be measured and emptied numerous times each day, can be difficult to conceal underneath clothing, and some patients say that they making sleeping difficult. Drains are also sometimes associated with additional scarring.

What are TissuGlu’s Benefits?

Aside from the obvious pluses of increased comfort and convenience, studies have shown that patients have been able to get back to their regular daily activities more quickly, including taking showers, driving, and working. Also, there is less risk of scarring. While some patients may require some assistance with fluid management, roughly 75 percent of them will need none at all. Once healing is completed, TissuGlu is easily removed from the body via natural processes.

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Which patients are eligible for TissuGlu?

Most tummy tuck patients are eligible for TissuGlu, but there are groups for whom a doctor may suggest traditional sutures. Individuals who may have allergies to urethane-based products and those containing isocyanate may not be good candidates. Also, TissuGlu’s effectiveness has not been shown in patients 22 years of age and under. Similarly, patients with body mass indexes greater than 28 or who have had an extremely large weight loss may also need to use standard sutures. Also, at this time, patients who have used TissuGlu previously are not recommended to use it again, as repeated exposure to the product has not yet been studied.

What are the possible side effects of TissuGlu?

Many of the risks associated with the product are also associated with tummy tuck procedures. However, patients should be on the lookout for fluid formation (seroma) as well as problems with healing, rashes/redness/infection at or near the surgical site, bruising (hematoma), and possible immune reactions.

How Do I Get Started with Drain-Free Tummy Tuck?

The first step is to schedule a consultation with a Beverly Hills Physician doctor by calling the number on this page. You can also request a consultation over the Internet.  

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