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Breast Implants

Breast implants have helped countless women of all ages find greater self-confidence. Breast augmentation has never been safer and is obtained by countless women every single day, but your choice of an outstanding medical provider like Beverly Hills Physicians is crucial. Our outstanding medical surgeons and first-rate staff are there for you at every step of the process to help you make the crucial decisions that will help you to get the best possible results from your breast augmentation procedure.

Today’s breast Implants come in three basic types: silicone, liquid filled saline, and firm but pliable gummy bear implants (known medically as cohesive gel implants). Each type of implant has its benefits and some potential issues. Fortunately, the highly experienced plastic surgeons of Beverly Hills Physicians have performed countless operations using all types of breast implants; they are ready to help you decide which implant is best for you and your situation.

Choosing The Right Breast Implants

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Saline Implants

While silicone implants come in set sizes, Saline implants can be filled to a precise size right in the operating room to take into account your body type and personal preferences. Also, Saline implants tend to be more affordable than silicone implants, and can be used with patients 18 and older, whereas silicone implants are only approved for patients 22 and older.

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Silicone Implants

Many doctors and patients prefer silicone implants because of their look and feel compared to other implant types. The consistency of silicone is more consistent with human fat, and the design of implants have multiple layers for appropriate firmness.

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Gummy Bear Implants

These are a newer type of saline implants, that get their name for a feel and viscosity that is similar to gummy bears. These implants come in both round and teardrop shapes, and are liked by doctors and patients because of their ability to not lose their shape.

Of course, the implant itself is just one aspect of the procedure. Beverly Hills Physicians surgeons and medical staff will be providing help and guidance from the first moment you step into our offices until your recovery is complete. Whether the issue is your choice of implant, making sure that you are comfortable before, during, and after the augmentation, or working out a payment plan to make breast augmentation cost more affordable, Beverly Hills Physicians is here to provide complete service for patients who are ready to get serious about improving their appearance.

To get started, please contact us regarding a free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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