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Plastic Surgery after
Bariatric Surgery

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Plastic Surgery after Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery is a very important medical procedure that has been proven to elongate patients’ lives by giving them the tools necessary to shed harmful weight, and a variety of obesity related health problems that too often go along with the extra pounds. Months and years after successful bariatric surgery, when our patients have reached or are nearing their desired weight loss goals, many come back to us asking about their options for plastic surgery after bariatric surgery. While men who lose a lot of weight almost always look fantastic, many are dissatisfied by loose skin or uneven weight loss on certain parts of their body.

Our most common recommendations for plastic surgery after bariatric surgery are usually tummy tucks, body lifts, or localized liposuction to address these concerns. Since much of our weight is carried around the belly region, the belly is where a lot of loose skin develops when we lose weight quickly. A tummy tuck does an excellent job of removing this loose skin, making it easily the most popular plastic surgery after bariatric surgery. A body lift is a popular option for people who have loose skin across much of the midsection, and would like a complete cosmetic overhaul to match their new, good health.

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Male Bariatric Surgery

Another common type of plastic surgery after bariatric surgery is the liposuction procedure to get rid of the last, most stubborn pockets of fat. Many bariatric surgery patients find that even when they drop down to their desired weight, they are still carrying some unsightly fat in places like their buttocks or love handles that will not go away proportionally with the other weight. In this situation, liposuction, often combined with a tummy tuck, is a great way to solve the problem once and for all.

We have a variety of weight loss doctors for every step of the process.

We have a variety of weight loss doctors for every step of the process. After patients get bariatric surgery, they are extremely happy to know that they can get dietary and nutritional advice from the same place that has built a relationship with them through the surgery. And, after patients have lost weight, they are even more elated when they realize the advantages of getting their post-bariatric surgery cosmetic procedures in the same place that they are already comfortable with.

Bariatric surgery is often covered by insurance, and for the plastic surgery procedures, we have a team of consultants that are ready to work with each individual patient to ensure that they can find a way to finance their plastic surgery procedures. At Beverly Hills Physicians, we believe that everyone should be able to afford the body of their dreams. Call us today at 1-800-788-1416 for a free consultation!

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