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Spider Vein Treatment

Spider Vein Treatment

Spider veins, medically-known as telangiectasia, are usually harmless thin red, blue or purple lines of blood vessels that commonly appear on the legs, feet, and sometimes the face. Sometimes they are very small and do not bother the patient, while other times they are deeply depressing. Treating these veins may be important, however, if they begin to cause pain, as it can be a symptom of imminent vein disease. These veins can sometimes cause dull aching, burning or pain, and often go hand in hand with varicose veins. Spider vein removal can put an end to the embarrassment of seeing these spider web or tree branch-like veins on your body.

Fortunately, Dr. Ramtin Massoudi is on hand at Beverly Hills Physicians to offer varicose vein and spider vein removal. As a foremost expert in the field of venous and lymphatic medicine, Dr. Massoudi has done more than 10,000 varicose vein and spider vein treatments. He is a board-certified physician who is proud to offer relief from venous diseases and treatment for spider veins.

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Do I Have Spider Veins?

Similar to varicose veins, spider veins indicate a problem with the blood flow in the superficial veins of the legs, feet, face, or wherever else they appear on the body. You may have spider veins if you notice the following symptoms:

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Small clusters of red, blue or purple veins, as thin as a thread, appearing at the surface of the skin, but not bulging through it (bulging indicate varicose veins – a related condition)

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The clusters may be shaped like a tree branch, a spider web or a starburst

Spider Vein Treatment Options

The main way to treat spider veins is through a procedure known as sclerotherapy. Dr. Massoudi prefers this method to others, such as laser vein treatment, because it is effective, safe and quickly resolves spider veins so the legs (or any other location of spider veins) are healthy once again. This also resolves the appearance of the veins, which is often the reason why patients seek out treatment in the first place. Commonly treated by plastic surgeons, Dr. Massoudi is a recommended practitioner to treat your spider veins, because he is a vascular technician, and uses the most advanced equipment to treat spider or varicose veins.

Sclerotherapy involves injecting a solution directly into the diseased vein, which irritates the lining of the blood vessel and causes it to eventually collapse. The entire procedure, from prep time to administering local anesthesia, rarely takes more than 30 minutes, depending on the number of veins to be injected during the appointment. Over time, this vein will eventually disappear from circulation, and the blood will be diverted to other, healthier veins. Once sclerotherapy is performed, which is also a method of varicose vein removal, you can expect to feel no more pain in the area, and it is highly unlikely spider veins will recur in that area. Good candidates for sclerotherapy are not pregnant, and have not had a blood clot in the past. Side effects or complications are very rare, and usually mild.

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The Beverly Hills Physicians Difference

For spider vein treatment, Beverly Hills Physicians offers the best possible route to recovery and beauty restoration. After all, Beverly Hills Physicians and Dr. Massoudi are well-aware that spider vein treatment can greatly improve a patient’s self-esteem and feel comfortable bearing their legs. For more information about spider veins, including spider vein treatment cost, contact Beverly Hills Physicians today at 800-788-1416!

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