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Facelifts for Men

The experienced surgeons at Beverly Hills Physicians have performed countless facelifts for men who want to restore the look of youth and energy to their face. Over the years, skin around the face and neck can become loose and sag due to a combination of stress, sun, and general aging. While some simply accept sagging and wrinkles as an inevitable part of life, we offer facelifts for men who reject this notion and want a youthful face to match their youthful spirit.

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Performing Facelifts for Men

When performing facelifts for men, surgeons typically make an incision around the ear and hairline so they can tighten deeper muscle tissue and then reposition the skin higher up on the face, hence the “lift”. Facelifts for men who have excessive sagging skin simply require the removal of a bit more of the excess skin before it is repositioned. Each case is different depending on the age of the patient and the severity of the sagging, so it is important to have an experienced surgeon from BHP cater the surgery to your individual needs.

Procedure to Complement Facelifts for Men

The surgeons at Beverly Hills Physicians can also perform a multitude of other cosmetic surgeries for men that are often requested to complement their facelift procedure. This can include a rhinoplasty to give men a perfectly sculpted nose, or lower eyelid surgery to remove permanent tired-looking bags under eyes. Some men also like to get an accompanying body lift for an energetic, youthful looking body to go along with their revitalized face. Men can be sure that whatever procedure they select, when they walk into Beverly Hills Physicians they are getting to best plastic surgery Los Angeles has to offer.

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Choosing What’s Best for You

In addition to facelifts, our specialists offer a variety of other surgeries for men to make them feel confident and healthy in their body.

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