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What Is Juvéderm™ Injectable Gel?

Whether we like it or not, our skin changes, thinning and wrinkling as we age. Since we usually don’t like it, many of us have been looking to injectable treatments as a way to lessen or eliminate the damage. Juvederm™ is one of the most popular players in the ever-growing field of facial rejuvenation products. Available in a number of variations here at Beverly Hills Physicians, Juvederm is primarily comprised of hyaluronic acid (HA), a plant-based substance that contains polymers naturally found in our skin and elsewhere. It is widely used to smooth out wrinkles and creases, and also to fill in cheeks that have become sunken. It is very popular for enhancing the lips, as well.

Patients concerned about having a comfortable procedure will be happy to know that Juvederm products contain lidocaine, a widely used local anesthetic. This means that the procedure involves one less injection.

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Types of Juvederm

Since Juvederm is used for different aims, and the needs of patients naturally differ, it is available in a number of variations, such as the following.

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employs Vycross technology, a proprietary technique developed by Allergan, which manufacturers Juvederm. Vycross techniques work at the molecular level to make the HA in Juvederm thinner. This means that it is more flexible and can help results to appear smoother and more natural.

Group 1


is an even smoother and more delicate variation of Juvederm, ideal for enhancing lips and delicate finishing touches.

Full Service Facial Rejuvenation

Beverly Hills Physicians offers the full range of beauty and health treatments for women and men. To find out more about Juvederm, other injectable treatments, or anything else relating to health and/or beauty, we want to hear from you.  To get started contact us today at the phone number or request a consultation online.

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