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Loose Skin after
Weight Loss

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Loose Skin after Weight Loss

Loose skin after a weight loss may occur whenever anyone loses a great deal of weight rapidly, most frequently because of childbirth or weight loss surgery. Although some of the looseness may be reduced over time, in the long run there is no reliable way to stop the sagging without the help of a competent plastic surgeon. Beverly Hills Physicians is here to provide access to world class plastic surgeons and complete support for procedures aimed at removing unsightly loose skin.

Because loose skin often follows after a large weight loss, dealing with the issue can involve some pretty mixed feelings. Patients who have lost a great deal of body fat may be extremely proud of their achievement, but embarrassed by the loose skin. For these patients, getting rid of those unwanted folds of skin is the confidence booster they need so they start enjoying their new, post-weight loss bodies.

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Beverly Hills Physicians surgeon may advise a full scale body lift.

Depending on where the skin is accumulating, there are a number of ways of ways to deal with loose skin after weight loss. In some instances, where elasticity has been lost in multiple, large areas, your Beverly Hills Physicians surgeon may advise a full scale body lift. In other instances, surgery might be restricted to certain specific – but often all too noticeable – areas of the body. Tummy tucks, referred to medically as abdominoplasty procedures, are an extremely popular and reliable method for dealing with loose folds of the skin in the belly and abdominal area.

Sometimes the areas where work is done are somewhat smaller. Arm lifts, called brachioplasty, are becoming especially popular for creating the attractive tight and toned arms that have attracted so much attention in certain celebrities. Naturally, if the loose skin after weight loss has appeared around the thighs, a thigh lift might be called for. Whichever procedure is involved, patients agree that taking advantage of the complete range of services and support available from Beverly Hills Physicians is one of the best favors you can do for yourself.

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