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Augmentation Revision

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Breast Augmentation Revision

Breast augmentation remains among the most commonly obtained and safest of all plastic surgeries. That doesn’t mean, however, that all augmentations are equally successful. Beverly Hills Physicians is here to perform breast augmentation revision to correct any and all problems that may have been created during procedures performed elsewhere.

The board certified surgeons of Beverly Hills Physicians are among the most experienced doctors in the field, and they have vast experience performing breast revision surgery to correct post-operative problems. A plastic surgeon performing breast augmentation revision surgery will have considerable experience dealing with such distressing issues as leakage or asymmetric breast implants, where breasts may not appear to “match” because one breast is noticeably different in size, shape, or position from the other.

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The Best Revisions Require The Best Surgeons

Of course, most patients would greatly prefer to avoid the need for breast implant revision in the first place, and the best insurance against requiring this kind of work is by taking advantage of the finest plastic surgeons available through Beverly Hills Physicians. Especially with a first rate surgeon, breast augmentation is a highly reliable procedure that helps improve self-esteem and body image. Our surgeons are among the most skilled and experienced available and we’ll be happy to describe how we work to avoid these problems arising in the first place.

If you have already had work done elsewhere and are having problems, now is the time to contact us regarding breast augmentation revision. For further information, please give us a call or request a free consultation. If you are considering breast augmentation and are concerned about the possibility of issues later on, we’d also be delighted to hear from you.

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