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Brazilian Butt Lift

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Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

Buttock augmentation has become among the most popular of all plastic surgeries. There was a time when “you can’t be too rich or too thin” was a popular beauty watchword, but now we are in the era of “real women have curves,” as well as Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, and Kim K., and there’s no looking back. While no surgery is for everyone, if you are seeking a classic hourglass figure to bring out the superstar within, buttock augmentation deserves your attention. 

What is a Butt Lift?

Technically, there’s no actual lift in any butt augmentation. When performed correctly, however, these procedures can give a patient’s posterior a tighter, more contoured look. Beverly Hills Physicians offers two main types of buttock enhancement: Brazilian butt lift (BBL) and silicone implants:

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Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

The BBL is different from older types of butt augmentation in that uses the patient’s unwanted body fat in place of implants. In the first step, the surgeon collects fat via liposuction from such areas as the waist, flanks, lower back, stomach, and thighs. The second step involves purifying the fat so that it can be safely reintroduced to the body, giving the plastic surgeon the raw material to sculpt a more voluptuous rear end designed to maximize the patient’s head-to-toe beauty. The surgeon does this in the third step – highly strategic injections under the skin and areas between the skin and muscle. Each injection is painstakingly performed to supply just the right amount of fat to the right areas.

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Silicone Implants

Largely overshadowed by BBLs, this type of procedure nevertheless remains an option in some cases. Buttock implants are filled with silicone gel; like the more familiar breast implants they are available in a variety of sizes and their texture closely resembles fatty tissue. During surgery, the buttock implant is placed either inside or surrounding the gluteal muscles. The medical consensus is that implants placed outside the muscle feel more natural but present a somewhat increased risk of impacting the sciatic nerve. That risk, however, is extremely low when you are working with a highly skilled board-certified plastic surgeon from the Beverly Hills Physicians team. 

Choosing What’s Right for You: BBLs vs. Implants

The Brazilian butt lift (BBL) has largely eclipsed other types of butt augmentation. There is broad agreement that the fat transfer method offers the most natural-looking contours and the most natural feeling. Moreover, because it uses the patient’s own body fat, many plastic surgeons believe that it lowers the odds of complications related to infections and other issues. Finally, since the procedure requires liposuction, BBLs are essentially twofers that can sculpt your physique by making you bigger where you want to be bigger, but also smaller where you want to be smaller.

The most frequent problem encountered by would-be BBL patients is that they are already extremely toned and slender and there is not enough spare body fat present to enlarge the buttocks. If you are interested in a buttock augmentation but aren’t sure you have sufficient body fat, it is still worth coming into our offices for a free initial consultation. You and one of our board-certified plastic surgeons can look at alternatives, including a smaller butt lift as well as implants.

Can I Afford Buttock Augmentation?

A butt augmentation of any type can create the most beautiful and natural result, but it requires a customized approach that combines artistry with precise surgical techniques. At Beverly Hills Physicians, we know that nothing worthwhile comes cheap or easy but we also believe that plastic surgeries are for anyone who wants them. Costs should fit within patients’ budgets.

Don’t let the cost of a procedure intimidate you before you even know what it is! Plastic surgery expenses can vary widely based on many factors. To find out just what is involved in your case, the first thing to do is come into our offices for a free initial consultation so we can get more specific about your situation. At the same time, we understand that everyone has to think about their finances. For further information and a ballpark figure, please visit our buttock augmentation costs page.

Preparing for a Buttock Augmentation Procedure

To begin with, patients need to have a clear and realistic picture of what to expect from their plastic surgery. There is a strong correlation between someone’s understanding of their procedures and their overall satisfaction. Our board-certified Beverly Hills Physicians plastic surgeons are well-versed in how to explain their treatment plans.

Two more things are necessary to ensure the safety and success of any surgery. 

  • Patients must avoid any anticoagulant drugs, more commonly referred to as blood-thinning medications. These include NSAIDs such as Advil (ibuprofen) and Aleve (naproxen) as well as aspirin.
  • Smoking significantly increases the chances of surgical complications both during and after procedures. Patients need to quit smoking six weeks before surgery and several weeks after. Of course, it’s best for your long-term health and appearance if you never resume smoking.
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After Buttock Augmentation Surgery

 Between the necessary sedation and anesthesia and the fact that you will have to avoid sitting directly on your behind following surgery, patients are obviously unable to drive following a buttock augmentation. Before patients can leave the surgical facility, they must be signed out by a designated person who will drive them home. For patients’ safety, it is also necessary to have someone with the patient on the first night following the procedure and perhaps a few days after to help with ordinary tasks following the recovery. This will be especially true if the patient is caring for younger children. 


The recovery for BBLs as compared to buttock implants may differ. Generally speaking, however, the first several days after any butt augmentation procedure should be devoted mostly to rest. Compression garments may be a must.

It will also be essential to avoid putting pressure on the buttocks for some time after surgery. We know this can make sitting and lying down on the back highly problematic but special pillows can be extremely helpful. Your medical team will offer you detailed instructions on just what to do.

While some of the effects of the procedure should be visible soon after the procedure, the full recovery process can take three to six months. At that time, you will see the final outcome of the procedure.

A Word about BBL Safety

With the success of Brazilian butt lifts worldwide has come a fair amount of negative publicity, including some legitimate horror stories. It’s important to understand, however, that many of the worst incidents occurred in dubious clinics with improperly trained medical personnel using dangerous practices.

The more widespread problem was that, in an attempt to gain greater size, some doctors were injecting fat directly into the muscles of the buttocks. This was a dangerous practice because the fat could find its way to the bloodstream where it created a risk of clotting. In 2018, a new directive issued by the American Society of Plastic Surgery told plastic surgeons to end the practice immediately and to only inject fat subcutaneously. At this point, no reputable plastic surgeon should be promising unrealistic results and using this dangerous technique. 

Finally, for the best outcomes as well as your safety, it is a must to follow your doctor’s instructions. The healing period may be just as crucial to the success of your BBL as the surgery itself. 

You can see the kind of final outcomes we’ve achieved by looking at our online gallery of buttock augmentation before-and-after pictures.

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