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Don’t Forget the Feet!

If most people were asked to pick their favorite bodily features, their feet probably wouldn’t make the list. They’re there, they serve their purpose, and we tend not to think about them as we go about our day. The exception, of course, is if there’s something wrong. It’s at that point that we realize just how important they really are. With over 33 joints, 26 bones, and hundreds of muscles, tendons, and ligaments, the foot is a very complex piece of human anatomy. Some people may neglect their feet, but they’re a big deal, and our outstanding podiatry team here at Beverly Hills Physicians is standing by to give them the quality medical care they deserve, and keep them as beautiful as the rest of you.

The feet are the work horses of your body. As the only species on the planet primarily walking around on two legs, they’re essential to an individual’s balance and mobility. We even use them to express ourselves through fashion, sports, and dance. Unfortunately, there are a range of foot related problems that might arise that can get in the way of your ability to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. If that happens, one of our podiatrists will give you the treatment you need to remedy the issue.

One common foot related ailment that can cause much pain and discomfort is a bunion, which is a boney bump that can form at the base of the big toe. Bunions tend to result in swelling and irritated skin that not only cause pain, but are quite unattractive. People who suffer from bunions often feel too embarrassed to expose their feet to others, and avoid wearing flip flops, sandals, or allowing themselves to be seen barefoot.

We’re here to support your right to go proudly barefoot and offer bunion treatments to combat this very issue. In cases that are more complex, surgery is another highly successful option. Commitment to excellence and top notch treatment are all a part of what makes BHP a top choice for bunion surgery in Thousand Oaks and throughout Southern California.

Because bunions are just one of the many conditions that can affect the feet, we are well prepared, and highly experienced to tackle a large spectrum of foot related issues. BHP podiatrists regularly address and remedy issues ranging from ankle injuries, shin splints, and tendonitis, to more cosmetic concerns like warts, corns, and calluses. From foot pain treatments to facelifts, we’re here to promote beauty and wellness from head to toe.

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