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Pain-free, More Attractive Feet with Toe Shortening Treatments


Comprised of over fifty-two bones, hundreds of muscles, tendons, and ligaments, our feet are amazingly complex constructions which can present a real medical challenge if something needs to be changed. Foot related issues like foot pain can be extremely debilitating, and difficult to manage, but there are numerous proven treatment options available. Fortunately, toe shortening surgery, like the procedures performed by our crack BHP medical team, has been shown to be a highly effective method for remedying pain.

Thanks to exciting advances in surgical technology, the practice of foot reshaping, including toe shortening, has become far easier and more effective in recent years and therefore more popular. For many, foot pain is the result of an irregular size or shape of the feet which can make activities like exercise, walking, or even simply putting on shoes very painful. Foot shape can also be a source of annoyance or embarrassment to those who want to show off their feet wearing the latest shoe fashions, including more revealing footwear, but who feel self-conscious about the look of their feet. Toe shortening surgery gives patients an opportunity to bring these difficulties to an end.

As a leading medical group covering a host of health and beauty needs in the Los Angeles area, we offer podiatry services to treat any foot related concern. To perform toe shortening surgery, our highly trained and experienced surgeons provide minimally invasive treatment through the most innovative procedures available. In the case of toe shortening, older techniques often involved a placing a pin in the foot that could result in lingering pain.

Today, that has all changed. Modern toe shortening involves fusing the bones together using the latest, most sophisticated techniques for the removal of just the right amount of excess bone. After a surprisingly speedy recovery time, patients are able to return to normal foot and toe function.  Patients agree that BHP foot procedures can put a real spring in their step.

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