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The True “Dad Bod” and the Options for Dealing with Excess Male Belly Fat

Since the term first cropped up in the internet lexicon several months ago, the “Dad Bod” craze has spurred quite a bit of conversation and many different opinions surrounding the attractiveness of the somewhat flabby male figure. No matter what one’s opinion on whether or not the comfortably pudgy look can be attractive, what can’t be denied is that the sensation of dads being heavier than their non-dad counterparts is a proven fact. The specifics outlined in an article in the New York Times, show that the average dad is 10 pounds heavier than a man his age without kids. The article also states that dads are more likely to have a waist size two inches larger.

While some men claim that the dad bod look works for them, conventional wisdom has always been that both sexes are attracted to the slimmer versions of their counterparts. We’ve found that this desire to shed excess belly fat is the prevailing attitude amongst our patients. Indeed, many patients of ours come to us inquiring about whether or not liposuction is right for them, and while the procedure is not a cure for obesity, it is often the perfect remedy to “dad bod” levels of belly fat. In fact, liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures requested by our male (and female) patients.

A liposuction procedure can remove around six to eight pounds of fat from targeted areas, which are quite often the belly, love handles, and general midsection. In some men, this can be the difference between a dad bod and an attractive, toned look. We also note that, because liposuction works by removing the actual fat cells, the treated areas will normally remain flab free through normal weight fluctuations. Many male patients who come to us for liposuction are those who are relatively active, yet can’t seem to shed these stubborn “dad bod” pockets of fat that accumulate around the midsection.

For anyone whose dad bod hasn’t brought them the positive attention that internet pop-culture pundits have been so sure about in recent months, we’re standing by to help!

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