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Plastic Surgery Trends Shows that Body Work is Skyrocketing

Plastic Surgery Butt lift

According to a recent article on the WTOP web site, while the overall number of plastic surgery procedures performed continues to rise annually, breast and buttock lifts are rapidly on the upswing. Possibly due to the influence of celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj, buttock lifts in particular have massively grown in popularity and public appeal this year. While breast augmentation still remains the most sought after plastic surgery procedure, it may soon be overtaken by procedures intending to add shape and contour to a patient’s behind. Many things may influence an individual’s decision to undergo plastic surgery, but the prevailing factor is that patients simply want to look their best.

When it comes to the latest plastic surgery trends, that one reason that has made the Brazilian butt lift so popular is its “two-in-one” effect. By using a patient’s own body fat obtained via liposuction from such areas as the love handles, thighs, or belly, a plastic surgeon is not only able to remove unwanted fat from specific areas, but also sculpt a fuller, more voluptuous behind. Due to the exceptionally natural results and shaping that this procedure offers, this is quickly becoming perhaps the most popular cosmetic surgery option for women today. Whether patients’ motivations behind pursuing this procedure involve revitalizing their figure after giving birth as part of a mommy makeover suite of procedures, or simply to improve their body’s build so they feel more comfortable in swim wear or the proverbial little black dress, patients agree that the results are consistently outstanding.

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