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Mommy Makeovers Give Women a Lean, Trim Silhouette After Childbearing

Mommy Makeovers Give Women a Lean, Trim Silhouette After Childbearing

A mommy makeover from Beverly Hills Physicians is a way women can get their pre-baby bodies back. While it may seem impossible to trim down the “love handles” and flatten the tummy with diet and exercise, women don’t have to despair that their bodies will permanently be flabby. In fact, BHP is a trusted source for mommy makeovers, which involves liposuction of the love handles and stubborn fat deposits, breast lift/or augmentation, and a tummy tuck. When these procedures are combined, truly amazing outcomes result.

Beverly Hills Physicians knows that having children is one of the best aspects of womanhood, but one problem that often occurs is how it can alter a woman’s body permanently once she has given birth. Where she may have been trim and lean before having children, she may lose volume and perkiness of her breasts from nursing, as well as angry, red looking stretch marks and loose skin of her abdominal area. Because the breasts are held up by ligaments, when these ligaments stretch it is impossible to restore their perkiness without plastic surgery. The same can be said for the midsection – if the skin begins to sag, there is nothing that can be done without surgery, i.e. a tummy tuck in conjunction with liposuction.

At Beverly Hills Physicians, we recognize that being healthy involves emotional health, as well. If a woman feels unattractive and depressed about her body, she’s not living life to the fullest. That’s why we are proud to offer FREE consultations to women considering a mommy makeover, or any other BHP plastic surgery offered. Simply call us today to speak to a friendly staff member to learn more!

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