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Take Two: Giving Your Bariatric Procedure a Second Chance

Many patients have found success in their weight-loss journey through bariatric procedures, but a number of patients have also had bariatric surgery with less than optimal results. Sometimes the failure is due to side effects from the original surgery, and other times...

Everything You Need to Know About the LAP-BAND®

Many patients who have struggled with their weight for years consider Lap-Band surgery as a permanent solution for their weight loss troubles. There are positive and negative aspects to any surgery, but most patients who have not succeeded in losing weight by changing...

Different Kinds of Weight Loss Surgery and How they Work

Bariatric surgery has become extremely popular for patients who are obese with a body mass index of 35 or higher. Many people have been able to reduce their excess weight by 50-75% in the long term, drastically changing their lives forever. Many health issues related...
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