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From Selfie to Surgery: Embracing a Positive Perspective on Cosmetic Surgery

For years, an unfortunate societal stigma existed that lead many people to feel that it was okay to “shame” those who underwent cosmetic surgery. Thankfully, though, times change, and today we know that even though others may see the beauty within a person, it can be difficult for us to see the beauty within ourselves. At BHP, we are very aware of the growing acceptance of those who undergo cosmetic liposuction and other surgical procedures.

While performing countless plastic surgery treatments like rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, and buttock enhancements, we have witnessed firsthand how patients are feeling more confident with their decision to enhance their appearance. In fact, plastic surgery is up in general, with the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reporting a 6.5% increase in the total number of cosmetic surgical procedures, and a 21% increase in non-surgical cosmetic treatments. Many medical professionals have speculated as to what is driving the increase in treatments, but it is becoming significantly clear that one major factor is the growing popularity of the “selfie.”

“I’ve noticed over the last six months (that) patients actually bring a selfie in the examining room,” says New York plastic surgeon Dr. Ariel Ostad in a report by ABC News. The connection between social media use and plastic surgery is particularly clear when it comes to hand treatments. Manhattan surgeon Dr. Matthew Schulman says he sees about eight patients a month specifically for hand treatments – often, these are newly engaged women who want their hands to look as attractive as possible in engagement ring hand selfies.

Understandably, this has led many to worry that the rise in plastic surgeries means that many selfie-obsessed young people are suffering from potentially damaging low self-confidence. Yet, as one study reported on by the Daily News showed last year, plastic surgery patients generally report a significant boost in self-confidence and enjoyment of life. Many patients here at BHP have certainly experienced a terrific boost in self-esteem.  Plastic surgery patient Regina says “Before my surgery, I was ashamed to look at myself. Now I have no problem. [BHP’s Dr. Hess] has made me feel whole again.”

The subject of young people altering their appearance will always inspire strong reactions. Yet, it seems reasonable that we should all feel grateful to live in an enlightened age where those who suffer from self-confidence issues can experience the joy that comes from aesthetic beauty with the aid of dedicated, expert surgeons like our great team at Beverly Hills Physicians.

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