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Our Doctors

The doctors at Beverly Hills Physicians are among the most experienced and widely sought after physicians in California. We offer expertise in different fields of medicine including plastic surgery, bariatric and weight loss, podiatry, and gynecologic cosmetic surgery. Our facilities offer a unique experience where personal attention, cutting edge technology and the latest in medical innovations are second to none.

See Outstanding Results for Wide Range of Procedures

Our philosophy is that quality and safe surgery is not just for upper class patronage. We also built our practice on the premise that not all surgeons can perform all types of surgical procedures. A one-doctor practice cannot provide and expertly serve a wide range of patient needs. Not all doctors have the same surgical strengths or personality to compliment different patients from a broad spectrum of the general public.

BHP is the premier heath, wellness and beauty destination on the West Coast. The physicians at BHP perform the most number of breast augmentation procedures in California, and possibly in the country. Our doctors are always learning from each other and continuously honing their craft as they are allowed to share new techniques and experience them first hand in the operating room.

Get One-on-One Care!

Beverly Hills plastic surgery candidates have the advantage of working with some of the most experienced plastic surgeons in California, who are aware of the latest trends and celebrity beauty secrets. Our doctors are constantly improving techniques and leading trends within the industry. For example, flash recovery breast augmentation, allowing quicker recovery after surgery. Several of our doctors also are leading the industry in one of the hottest trends in cosmetic surgery today, buttock enhancement also commonly referred to as fat transfer. We are also proud in being experts on ethnic rhinoplasty procedure. Our surgeons know exactly how to achieve your desired results, and will always recommend what will look most natural for your body.

See Weight Loss Success Stories!

Our bariatric surgeons are also the best in the business. All are board certified and paving the way for new advanced procedures in the battle against obesity and weight loss by procedures such as Lap Band or Gastric Sleeve. We change lives every day by helping patients overcome life long issues with weight control and related illnesses. Most importantly we pride ourselves on associating with weight loss surgeons who connect on a deep personal level with their patients. Just ask some past patients about their success stories; they all speak very highly of our doctors!

More than just Plastic Surgery!

We would be remiss if we did not also mention our board certified podiatrists and aesthetic foot doctors. We know bunions or hammertoes can be debilitating. Our foot doctors don’t just take away the foot pain; they use cutting edge techniques to make your feet beautiful in the process!

Our experts in gynecology and vaginal reconstructive surgery will turn the clock back on your body. While childbearing is one of the most beautiful experiences in a woman’s life, it could alter pelvic anatomy and cause loss of sexual gratification and feeling, loss of pelvic muscle tone, loss of urinary control/urinary leakage after laughing or sneezing.

In addition to the best doctors in the business, Beverly Hills Physicians offers a network of health and wellness professionals to complete your beauty makeover. No matter if you’re looking to reduce wrinkles, fix acne scars, remove facial hair, or beyond, these professionals offer simple, non-invasive procedures to improve your life.

We have experienced consultants who will guide you through your surgical experience at any of the Beverly Hills Physicians locations. Your consultant will recommend a qualified doctor to meet your surgical needs, in addition to assisting you with financing, pre-operative and post-operative care.

Peace of mind is invaluable to our patients and to our doctors. All of our surgical facilities are fully accredited and each center is equipped with state-of-the-art instruments.

Many of our doctors have been featured on celebrity television programs like Entertainment Tonight, Extra, and the Tyra Banks Show. But with Beverly Hills Physicians you don’t have to be a celebrity; our goal is to make everyone feel like a star!

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