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Create Your Own Fireworks After 4th of July with a New You

Ah, 4th of July – in most of the world it’s just another summer day, but in the U.S., it’s often one of the most anticipated days of the year. Pools, family vacations, barbecue and dazzling firework displays are all par for the course on the commemoration of American independence. However, for those of us who are struggling with a body we don’t love completely, the holiday can be far less enjoyable. For patients looking for freedom from self-consciousness with procedures from hair restoration to breast augmentation revision, Beverly Hills Physicians is always the ideal choice.

Many who have never considered liposuction in the past find that once they’ve had children, changes to the shape and contours of the body leave them less than thrilled for swimsuit-season. With a mommy makeover surgery from Beverly Hills Physicians, though, you can have the beautiful joys of motherhood in your life as well as your stunning pre-baby body. The experienced and compassionate doctors at Beverly Hills Physicians will work with you to determine what procedures would best help you get back to loving your body completely. With a wide array of surgeries including breast lift, body sculpting, tummy tuck and vaginal reconstruction among others, you’ll be certain to find the perfect procedures for your specific aesthetic goals.

For those who are overweight, the 4th of July holiday can be particularly uncomfortable. With most of the festivities taking place at outdoors venues in the heat of summer, those who are self-conscious about our post-bariatric bodies may find themselves staying indoors and avoiding the festivities completely. Yet, with the experienced and skilled board-certified surgeons at Beverly Hills Physicians, there’s finally hope for a body that is as dazzling as the most explosive fireworks display. There, you can find the latest life-changing post-bariatric reconstruction surgeries, including face and neck lift, breast lift or reduction and thigh lift, among many others. Imagine showing up to next year’s 4th of July pool party with an eye-catching body and enjoying a reasonable portion of barbecue without feeling guilt for the rest of the day – it may seem like a fantasy, but with Beverly Hills Physicians, it’s a very real possibility!

While staring upwards as fireworks light up the sky, make the choice to break free from the tyranny of a body you don’t love completely with Beverly Hills Physicians. Southern California’s dedicated surgeons are eager to help you in achieving the body that will allow you to enjoy every holiday to the greatest extent possible. We only get to truly celebrate America’s independence once a year, so make sure you get to enjoy the holiday fully and contact Beverly Hills Physicians today. For further information regarding a free initial consultation, please call 800-788-1416 or visit www.beverlyhillsphysicians.com, and have a safe and happy Independence Day!

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