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Arm Lift Plastic Surgery Brings Gorgeous Guns to the Masses

One year it’s facelifts or rhinoplasty, another it’s liposuction; Beverly Hills Physicians has seen it all. These days, brachioplasty – aka arm lifts – has been the rage. Why? For the past year, a flurry of news stories have asserted that brachioplasty, a form of plastic surgery focused on reshaping the upper portion of the arm, is on the rise thanks to well publicized sleeveless appearances by some very famous women. The initial 2013 news stories pointed to the beautifully toned arms of First Lady Michelle Obama and film star Jennifer Aniston. However, busy women from all walks of life are now turning to BHP and proving that you don’t have to be able to afford a full-time nutritionist and a live-in personal trainer to have the kind of bold biceps that draw gasps in an arm-baring Jason Wu dress.

Beverly Hills Physicians is a Southern California medical group providing a range of outstanding services, but its plastic surgery patients have long known it as the place for an eyelift or tummy tuck in Los Angeles. However, as the popularity of brachioplasty has exploded over the last year, arm lift surgery has become more and more of a staple for BHP’s world class assemblage of board certified plastic surgeons. These new brachioplasty patients have been encouraged to take their cosmetic surgery plunge not only by the latest public appearance of Ms. Aniston or Mrs. Obama, but also by their coworkers, friends, and family members, who have suddenly been sporting tighter, more fit looking bare arms.

This is not to say that arm lifts have been the only procedure some of the newer BHP customers have been taking advantage of. Emboldened by their brachioplastic success, many of these women have obtained such popular plastic surgeries as breast augmentations and reductions. Others have opted for Brazilian-style buttock enhancements for a fuller and more curvaceous appearance. Some young-at-heart mothers have worked their brachioplasty into Mommy Makeover packages which seek to return recent mothers to a more youthful, fresher appearance.

By this point, some skeptical readers may be wondering how it is that women who are not involved in power politics or the upper reaches of show business can afford brachioplasty and other surgeries. The fact of the matter is that, thanks to BHP, obtaining a plastic surgery has never been easier. While it’s true that cosmetic procedures are almost never covered by medical insurance, these operations are often far less expensive than people generally assume. Just as important, BHP provides its patients with the assistance of consultants who are able to construct payment plans that ensure that procedures are well within the reach of those of us who aren’t likely to be hobnobbing with Jennifer Aniston or the Obamas any time soon.

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