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Your Beverly Hills Mommy Makeover Experts

Your Beverly Hills Mommy Makeover Experts

Throughout the course of your pregnancy, you sought out the best care possible to make sure that you and your child would be happy and healthy from start to finish. When it comes to selecting a doctor to restore your body to where it was before your child came along, the importance of choosing a qualified physician is no different.

At Beverly Hills Physicians, we have a team of board-certified surgeons who are experts in carefully and expertly rejuvenating the areas that carried the largest burden during pregnancy and childbirth. We also have a team of caring and qualified consultants who can work with just about any budget to make sure that you can care for yourself while making all of the necessary sacrifices to raise your child.

Our mommy makeover package is made up of several surgical procedures that are meant to remedy the most common effects that pregnancy has on a mother’s body. We offer tummy tuck surgery to fix annoying and unavoidable loose skin that comes along as a result of a constantly growing belly. Many mothers also decide that the time after they have children is a great time to get a breast lift or have augmentation surgery that can fix some of the sagging that gets exacerbated by breastfeeding. Additionally, we offer several types of vaginal rejuvenation surgery meant to fix concerns including involuntary urination, and decreased sexual stimulation in the wake of giving birth.

Our surgeons are highly-skilled at performing these and a variety of other plastic surgery procedures that are sure to get you back on the road to loving the body you’ve always had.

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