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Your Beverly Hills Experts in Relieving Foot Pain

Your Beverly Hills Experts in Relieving Foot Pain

Getting up on the wrong side of bed in the morning can often begin by stepping down onto painful feet. At Beverly Hills Physicians we understand that your feet carry you through the day, and know how stressful it can be when every footstep is a reminder of constant pain. Our ability to identify problems and treatments for your foot pain is the reason why BHP is the podiatrist Los Angeles trusts.

We treat a variety of conditions including bunions, which can be alleviated by orthopedics or fixed by our experienced podiatrists performing bunion surgery. We also treat a number of athletic injuries including athlete’s foot, ankle injuries, shin splints, and ruptured Achilles tendons. Whatever your problem, our dedicated team will work with you to get you comfortable and back on your feet fast.

In addition to problems associated with pain, our podiatrists are also trained to alleviate any cosmetic concerns that often cause undue stress on our many social interactions. We are experts in Toe Shortening surgery to prevent elongated toes from turning into unsightly hook toes by pressing unevenly against the front of shoes. Also, in addition to relieving pain and mobility concerns, electing bunion surgery can also remove unsightly bumps from the side of the foot, and allow patients to wear shoes that were once difficult to fit into.

We’ve been in your shoes before, and we know how bothersome and uncomfortable podiatric problems can be. Whether your concerns are cosmetic or pain related, the highly skilled podiatrists at Beverly Hills Physicians have a solution for you.

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