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Your Best Years Aren’t Behind You

As every mother knows, motherhood is deeply rewarding, but it also includes its share of difficulties. But just because a woman accepts the position of mom doesn’t mean that she can’t feel as good as she did before her first child. It’s important for women to keep a sense of their personal identity that existed pre-motherhood. We have some great tips on how to do just that.

Keeping Interests Alive

Because providing for an infant or toddler is so rigorous and time consuming, mothers often report feeling as if they no longer have a life at all outside of raising their child. Set aside time, every day, toward pursuits that previously interested you before pregnancy. Find moments to engage in your favorite hobby. If the hobby no longer seems attainable, get creative. A new mother may not be able to go off on a long hike, so they should find something to fill that void like a walk through the park…with your child in a stroller if need be. Finding time for a regular routine that’s even slightly self-indulgent will go a long way toward boosting your morale.

Goal Setting

Focusing on your child is, without a doubt, healthy and appropriate behavior for a parent, but don’t lose track of your aspirations. Sit down sometime, and make a list of your long term goals to remind yourself of what’s important to you; the things that you pursued before the arrival of your baby. You may not be able to continue pursuing some of those things right now, and that’s okay. Simply reminding yourself that they’re still there, and that they aren’t going anywhere, will help you keep your sense of self, and help you make plans to continue your journey when time allows.

Reinvigorating Your Body

One of the most difficult challenges a new mother often faces is the loss of her pre-pregnancy body. Though it may be a tall order, mothers can very often reclaim much of their former appearance or look even better than before. Start doing exercise as soon as you’re able, and couple it with the best, most healthy diet you can find to help you lose that baby weight.

Some body issues may linger such as stubborn stretch marks or loose skin. At Beverly Hills Physicians, we can remedy those concerns for you. Our Mommy Makeover is specifically designed to help women regain much of their youthful pre-childbirth appearance. With a range of procedures that include tummy tucks, breast lifts, and vaginal reconstruction, any woman seeking the world class service here at BHP will enjoy the best treatment options available to find a path back to the bodies they want.

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