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You Can’t Have Her Nose, She’s Using It!

A few weeks back, a bunch of publications featured a piece that was bound to make our top plastic surgeons here at Beverly Hills Physicians smile knowingly. It detailed a phenomon most plastic surgeons have experienced on numerous occasions, though the celebrities mentioned by patients obviously changes over the years. It described how more and more women were going to New York area plastic surgeons and requesting royal Kate Middleton’s nose.

Now, we are the first to agree that Kate Middleton’s nose is adorable. We’re even willing to use it as a model for rhinoplasty in very particular cases where the person and nose in question might actually benefit from, er, Middletonian features. But we can’t actually turn give a pateint the exact same nose because we can’t actually make someone look exactly like Kate Middleton Not even the world’s very best plastic surgeons can do that, and we’re kind of glad about that.

As board certified plastic surgeons, we do our best to create work that actually fits a particular patient. If you think that some feature belong to a particular celebrity might look good on you, it’s worth bringing up. But always remember that, just as a dress that might look adorable on your best friend might look terrible on you, it all about finding the feature that fits you.

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