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World Class Cosmetic Surgery Lives in Your Own Back Yard


Recently, there has been a surge of news stories reporting on a boom in cosmetic surgery procedures in locations like South Korea or Dubai. These articles discuss doctors who reportedly have the training and expertise to attract patients from all over the world. Though many doctors in these locations are no doubt quite adept, the truth is that surgeries overseas always carry inherent risks – not to mention the difficulty and expense involved with travel abroad. To avoid these hassles and risks, patients seeking procedures by world class doctors may take advantage of our outstanding team at Beverly Hills Physicians for truly world class treatment options, right here in Los Angeles.

South Korea, Dubai, Brazil, and other destinations are, indeed, becoming centers for plastic surgery. However, coupled with data concerning the surge in cosmetic procedures in these destinations are sometimes ghastly stories about unfortunate, occasionally deadly, surgical mishaps. Part of the reason for this may be that the increased demand from patients and increase in surgeries has led to more fierce competition amongst doctors, some of whom may be tempted to cut corners. Even worse, some practitioners are underqualified, or even entirely unqualified, to perform surgery. Here in the United States, stringent rules and regulations have fortunately led to superior quality control amongst surgeons and doctors.

Nevertheless, it’s important to realize that where you receive cosmetic surgical treatment can truly make an enormous difference. At BHP, we lead the field with specialists who offer superior treatment options and expert personnel to perform procedures with the highest level of concern for safety and quality.

Cosmetic surgery demands a level of precision and craftsmanship for the ideal operation. Each and every patient has their own, individual desire and preference, and a truly skilled surgeon possesses the ability to understand the needs of each and every patient to help them achieve their health and beauty goals.

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