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With Plastic Surgery There is No Substitute for Experience and Expertise


Recently, a news story broke in South Korea causing deep enough ripples to reach our shores. A woman, Kim Bok-soon, came forward to reveal a plastic surgery procedure gone terribly wrong. It all began when Kim sought to have treatment on her nose, and was drawn in by one doctor’s bargain bin prices. It was only later that Kim found out, much to her dismay, that her doctor was not a qualified plastic surgery specialist. By then, however, the damage had already been done. Stories like Kim’s are truly unfortunate, yet they serve as a reminder of an important fact: plastic surgery is still surgery. It necessitates the best training, the greatest skill, and the highest level of expertise in order to be performed safely and successfully. Only proven professionals like our committed BHP medical team should be trusted to deliver the results patients need.

As a result of the increase in popularity of plastic surgery in recent years, the number of practicing doctors worldwide has jumped considerably. Especially in countries that attract U.S. and American visitors through so-called medical tourism, questionable cosmetic surgery practices are a growing trend. Though bargain basement prices may seem appealing, if a patient ends up having to deal with complications or disappointing results, as well as the possibility of subsequent corrective surgeries that may be far more expensive, they are obviously no bargain at all.

That’s why potential patients seeking treatment are best served sticking with leading plastic surgeons to perform procedures. Our patients who seek their comprehensive treatment options do so with the confidence that they are receiving world class care from one of the most highly experienced and most skilled team of specialists in the Greater Los Angeles area. Despite consistently positive patient feedback and praise, we don’t rely on reputation alone, and proudly offers our great before and after gallery as proof of our skill.  Moreover, patients who are concerned about cost are often able to take advantage of payment plans that make outstanding procedures affordable even for people on limited budgets.

Through a commitment to superior service and with the utmost attention to professionalism and high quality craftsmanship, BHP provides their patients with the top notch procedures they need and always makes the wellbeing of the patient its very highest priority.

For most, plastic surgery is a rewarding and empowering experience, but you want to make sure that is true for you by working with the very best.

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