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Why Do Moms Have Plastic Surgery?

Why Do Moms Have Plastic Surgery?

The mommy makeover package is just one of the many reasons why Beverly Hills Physicians is the go-to network of plastic surgeons and wellness experts in Southern California. Many women notice extreme changes in their body after having a baby. Pregnancy can transform your body until you feel unrecognizable from the women you were before. Whether you need a boost in self-confidence or you just want to look like yourself again, a mommy makeover can undo the changes to your body made by pregnancy, breastfeeding, and motherhood.

There are a couple of different plastic surgery options in a mommy makeover at Beverly Hills Physicians. A tummy tuck is a popular procedures for new moms because it can tighten the stretched out skin and get rid of any additional loose skin. Liposuction can get rid of any extra fat that you may have accumulated during your pregnancy. If breast feeding left you unhappy with your breasts, due to sagging, size, or symmetry, the breast augmentation procedure is helpful. Some women opt to have vaginal rejuvenation surgery after a natural birth if there is involuntary urination or loss of sensation during sex.

If you’re looking to get plastic surgery after having a baby, Beverly Hills Physicians has the skilled surgeons and state of the art facilities you need to feel comfortable. At a free consultation we can discuss your surgical options, answer your questions, and review payment options. You deserve to feel comfortable in your own skin, so call our offices today to get started.

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