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Why Bariatric Surgery May Be Imperative

For people struggling with obesity, losing weight is the most important health concern. Obesity can cause a myriad of health conditions, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and stroke. Being overweight can make mobility difficult with back and joint pain, cause sleep issues, and even be the root of crippling depression. If losing weight can reduce the risk of all of those health issues, isn’t it worth it to try whatever you can? With Beverly Hills Physicians’ weight loss surgery options, losing weight doesn’t have to be done alone anymore.

At Beverly Hills Physicians, we are committed to making the weight loss process as easy as possible. Bariatric surgery doesn’t erase the need to adhere to a diet and regular exercise routine, but it can make losing weight easier. Depending on what procedure you ultimately pick, your body will adjust to a new way of eating, digesting food, and losing weight. Lap Band and gastric sleeve are the major options. Lap Band is a reversible procedure, but many people opt to get Lap Band revision to gastric sleeve to get even better results.

The reason so many people choose Beverly Hills Physicians to guide them through the weight loss journey is because we have the top surgeons and facilities in the industry. Our skilled staff consistently uses the latest technology to make the surgical process easier, faster, and more comfortable. Learn more today about procedures like gastric sleeve by calling to set up a free appointment with our weight loss and wellness experts.

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