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When Weight Loss Surgery Fails, Beverly Hills Physicians is Your Guide to Revision Surgery

Experienced bariatric surgeons are ready to help you start on your new life as a happier, healthier person.

Beverly Hills Physicians has helped countless people from all walks of life take advantage of the medical miracle of weight loss surgery. Known medically as bariatric procedures, these operations have enabled countless morbidly obese people to achieve the permanent weight loss that once seemed all but impossible. At the same time, sometimes the first procedure a patient tries fails to work correctly. That’s why Beverly Hills Physicians have also helped countless patients with revision weight loss surgery.

There is almost nothing more frustrating and disappointing than either no weight loss or even a weight gain after a weight loss surgery, whether it’s a lap band or a gastric bypass. In addition, worrisome digestive issues can sometimes occur in the wake of surgery.  The good news is that operations that are problematic for one reason or another can very often be converted to gastric sleeve surgery. While lap bands have the benefit of being adjustable and reversible, sleeve gastrectomy surgery is very reliably effective while being less invasive than a bypass. Beverly Hills Physicians have enjoyed great success with sleeve-based procedures.

In addition, patients who feel they may have received less than outstanding treatment from other weight loss doctors are welcome to consult with Beverly Hills Physicians to address their situation. As for our own patients, whenever the doctors and staff of Beverly Hills Physicians perform weight loss surgery, they very carefully monitor a patient’s progress so that action can be taken at the first hint of a problem. This widely respected medical group’s outstanding track record of ultimate success with weight loss surgery speaks for itself.

Whatever your situation, Beverly Hills Physicians is here to make sure your weight loss surgery produces outstanding results. This widely respected medical group is there for its patients throughout the entire process – which includes a lengthy follow-up period after the operation to help patients adjust. That means that in addition to providing surgical care, Beverly Hills Physicians also provides outstanding nutritional counseling and assistance with the psychological side of weight loss. While it provides the full range of services for dealing with weight loss issues, Beverly Hills Physicians also works hard to ensure that the cost remains competitive and as reasonable as possible for our patients.

In addition to weight loss, Beverly Hills Physicians also offers a range of health services in the fields of plastic surgery, bariatric and weight loss medicine, gynecology, podiatry, and more. For further information, please call 800-788-1416, or request a free initial consultation through the Beverly Hills Physicians web site.

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