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When the Time is Right for Bunion Surgery

When the Time is Right for Bunion Surgery

Everyone who experiences pain and discomfort as a result of a bunion knows that it’s a stressful and bothersome condition to live with. Luckily, with the help of the board-certified podiatrists and surgeons at Beverly Hills Physicians, there is something that can be done about it.

Bunions form because of excess pressure put on the side of the big toe that causes the toe to bend inward at the joint. This pressure leads to swelling on the side of the foot that can make it very difficult to fit into shoes without additional pain. Often, custom made orthotics or shoe insets can stop the progression of a bunion at its early stages, but for large or advanced cases, surgical intervention is the best option to alleviate pain and bring back the full range of joint mobility. Bunion surgery also has very positive effects in terms of realignment and overall appearance of the foot.

At Beverly Hills Physicians you can find the best podiatrist Los Angeles has to offer. In addition to treatments for bunions we also offer an array of podiatric treatments for problems resulting in active lifestyles like shin splints and ankle injuries, as well as cosmetic treatments for problems like elongated toes. Our surgeons have mastered a toe shortening procedure that can help alleviate the pain and undue stress caused by an elongated toe unevenly pressing against the front of your shoes.

It’s important to remember that discomfort does not have to be accepted or inevitable. You have options in dealing with you pain, and contacting Beverly Hills Physicians today to find out exactly what those options are is the first step toward a pain-free lifestyle.

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