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What Does Weight Loss Surgery Entail?

The decision to have weight loss surgery can be tough to make. It’s a huge lifestyle change. The procedure alters your body and requires a commitment to eat healthier and exercise. Although bariatric surgery is an amazing way to shed those life threatening pounds, it isn’t a magic cure. You still need to put the work in. However, when you have an amazing resource like Beverly Hills Physicians on your side, you’ll have everything you need to succeed with your weight loss goals, from talented surgeons to assistance in making a health plan.

There are two major weight loss procedures: gastric sleeve and Lap Band. Both procedures are extremely reliable ways to start losing weight, but the decision between the two should be made with your Beverly Hills Physicians’ doctor. Lap Band is a reversible procedure, which may be an advantage for many people. Gastric sleeve consists of removing a portion of the stomach, which may also reduce the number of hormones that produce the feeling of hunger. The choice might come down to lifestyle options and health history.

When you contact Beverly Hills Physicians for Lap Band or gastric sleeve, you’re first step is a free initial consultation. At this consultation, your surgeon can take you through the entire process of the bariatric procedure from start to finish. You’ll also have an opportunity to ask any questions you may have until you feel completely comfortable with your decision. BHP’s talented and compassionate team of weight loss experts can guide you through the path to healthiness. All you have to do to get started is call.

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