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Weight Loss Surgery is Not Just for the Rich and Famous

It’s always encouraging to hear news items such as Rosie O’Donnell’s successful gastric sleeve procedure and the 190-plus pound weight loss through a lap band experienced by Corey Harrison of “Pawn Stars.” At the same time, we would like to remind the public that these life-transforming procedures are by no means limited to movie and television celebs.

Fortunately for those of us on limited budgets, gastric sleeve, lap band, and other procedures have gained great medical acceptance and are therefore very frequently covered by medical insurance. Even in cases where patients have very limited or no coverage at all, we will go to significant lengths to make procedures accessible with affordable financing options.

While few of us can afford to ignore budgetary factors, the important thing for potential weight loss surgery patients to keep in mind is that weight loss procedures have very real health impacts and can literally be a lifesaver. Recent studies have shown that such conditions as type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure – which can greatly reduce both the length and quality of a person’s life – are dramatically impacted by weight loss procedures. Moreover, we employ some of the finest medical professionals in Southern California – an important factor whenever considering a surgical procedure.Simply put, these procedures can be a matter of life and death.

Even so, financial concerns are impossible to ignore. Fortunately, even patients who are essentially uninsured for the procedure can benefit from the assistance of our consultants. These caring and compassionate professionals are ready and able to help patients create reasonable payment plans whenever necessary.

Even in circumstances where patients are covered for weight loss operations, they often find that they need additional procedures to deal with excess skin folds and other unpleasant side-effects of dramatic weight loss which are deemed cosmetic, and therefore are not covered by most insurance companies. In this situation, our consultants can come to the rescue by helping patients with creative payment plans that can fit into an extremely wide variety of budgets.

Weight loss procedures have helped countless people from all walks of life to make dramatic improvements, not only in terms of their long-term health and happiness, but also in their more immediate professional and personal lives. Financial concerns may seem like a big deal, but they should never be a barrier to making healthy, positive life changes. As a medical group that is dedicated to providing outstanding care in such fields as weight loss treatments, cosmetic surgery, podiatry, gynecology, and more we are dedicated to ensuring that as many men and women benefit from these procedures as possible.

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